Thursday, December 13, 2012


My freedom day comes! Final test is completed, some of the results of tests already know, there were good some were bad, in biology, physics, chemistry and math I'm so bad that I got a bad result too TT
That makes me excited is when will receive a report card, pray that everything is gonna be okay ><

 I was quite worried, pray for me!

And I just go back from Jakarta, I'm not buying anything except one pants that I used in this post, because I didn't get to go anywhere because of my busy schedule. These pants are very comfortable and cute, I decided to buy it ^ ^

 What I wear : Ruffle Dress (worn as top :p), Surfer Girl Heart Print Pants, Cambridge Satchel Bag, Red Tartan Hairclip by myself, Gosh Nude Heels, Pearls Bracelets

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Monday, December 10, 2012


 I went to Jakarta two days ago with my family, because of my sister's weddings <3. The wedding of Dili and Rieky on SMESCO building. The wedding room decorated with Padang culture. Me and all of my family should wear traditional clothes too..And this is my first time to wear Songket and Cullote (I'm a Christian ^^v, so I never wear cullote) and my sister and her family are moslem, my family just like "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (Indonesian's Slogan), because my family consist of different religions but we still one, there are Islamic, Buddhist, Christian and Catholic :)


Me with make-up
Te' Dili (The Bride) and her younger brother, and me!

This is my outfit <3

I was a bit surprised by my hair, I look like a princess at the time, with the tiara and hair do that looks so elegant, cool, because, actually I never set my hair like that before

The hall

This has nothing to do with the topic before, but I just finished making new bracelets, they look very cool, my friends have ordered several bracelet.

Want to have one too? You can send me an e-mail ^^

Happy wedding Dili and Rieky. Have a blessed family!

Saturday, December 1, 2012


New haircrown by me :)

Flower line headband

My new baby :D

                                   Some of the stuff I got, there was a black vintage bag belonged to my mother, now becoming mine hahaha, black bow tie belonged to my father, it was worn at his wedding!

So romantic XD
"So as long as I live I'll love you"

Only a few weeks, 2013 will come, all went by so fast ... all the memories of this year will soon pass, but it will always be my heart ..
Now it's December, I hope will be a good month for all of us ^ ^. I want to be succeed in the final examination, I also want to have a more beautiful memories than November ...
apocalypse or something, I don't really care, even though a bit worried hahaha
but we must still live by faith!
December also will be full of activities, such as Christmas and others. I'll be very busy with everything, because I am a member of the school council that shall prepare mass events and so on. In the church I was also a Christmas committee, I also have to complete the task of the church wedding decor. I'm also going to Jakarta again to celebrate the marriage of my sister.

What I wear:: Vintage dress from my church garage sale. Red rose haircrown by me, Birdie Necklace, Braided belt, Adorable Projects Boots, Cambridge Satchel bag

So what is your Christmas wish? :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

a Little bit of Pink and Aqua

What I wear :: Holy Shop-cardigan, By myself-necklace, white shirt, off-white lace short, aqua spiked bracelet
This week I was very busy, a lot of tests and made ​​me stress .. next week I will do my final exam, what should I do? > <
Wish me luck! ... I wish I was given a little power to study *haha*
Yesterday I made my first ​​floral hair crown...a lot of my friends love my hair crown, they also want to buy it from me :)
This is very simple, I'm going to try to make a better one!

(Left pict :: She's Bella, my very very very pretty friend, yes..she's so pretty, right ? .__. I wish I have a beauty face too *eh* hahaha


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seifuku ♥

One more thing you need to know about me, besides Korea, I also love Japan! Starting from the unique cultures, the music, the arstist, the fashion, and...the school uniforms! Japanese school uniforms called "seifuku" so interesting and makes the girl who use it looks more "kawaii" which means cute. I'm pretty bored with my school uniforms that I used until this time, and in this post I use the outfit that looks like a Japanese school uniform, this is also one of my dreams, get a cute school uniforms!

Maybe seifuku already common on Japan, but so many girls outside Japan wants to have a seifuku too ><

What I wear::  Aqua Blouse, White Basic Knit, RIpcurl Watch, Assorted Bracelets-CL, Plaid Skirt, Black Socks, Nike Sneakers, Bow Tie-Pretty, Hairbow by me


Monday, November 5, 2012

Dina's Birthday Dinner

Hello friends, last night I went to Dina's birthday dinner with 3 others, Ivana, Grace, and Tasya . We had dinner at the rainbow cafe, the place is so comfortable and nice. We are really happy there, after that we went karaoke until 9 pm.
There are some photos below :)

me and Ivana

Tasya-Ivana-Me-Dina (The birthday girl)


This week is a busy week! So many tasks and test ... a bit stressed, but I must stay cheerful, GBme ><
What I wear:: Rosey Black Cardigan, White top as inner, floral blue skirt, grey bootis-Adorable Projects, Assorted bracelets

Monday, October 29, 2012

Blue Floral

Hello! Two days ago I back from retreat in Bandungan, Semarang. There, I and my church mates from KRE celebrate KRE's  birthday which was 35 years. Happy birthday KRE!! (Ebenhaezer Youth Commission)

My outfit today. Stay simple as usual, I'm happy with my new skirt :) Thank you mama!

Plain Purple Top. Rainbow Dreamcatcher Necklace by me.
DIY Blue Floral Skirt. Black Leather Boots. Braided Belt. Bracelets (Left: CL,
Right: by me). Black Mustache Ring

Maybe I'm a little bit quaint, but this time, I like the EXO's song titled Mama, their music are quite unique and makes me tremble because of dance and vocals are very cool, the song is also unique.
Kai is very sexy! And I'm fascinated by Chris and Se Hoon's cute faces ><I want to have a cute boyfriend like their faces ... hahaha (dreaming *)

Let me show you the MV! :)





I don't know too much about EXO-M, but I liked the one of its members, namely Luhan ! ^^