Saturday, February 16, 2013


What I wear :
Rose Flower Crown by me
Red Loose Outer-My Rooms (Semawis)
Navy floral skirt - DIY
Woven Bag - KAYA
Assorted Bracelets
Bird Necklace
Black Boots-Alexandra

hello, I'm back!
How was your day? My days are filled with test >< I should study hard, pray for me!
About the valentine day ... not very good, this year is a sad valentine for me :(

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Friend Forever, Always Together!

It's still about my performance at Semawis 2 days ago :D
But now, I'll post the photos of my classmate, they watched us (Dina, Vivi, Sasha and Me!), then we hangout together at Pecinan, then we got our dinner at Mie Hapkie Gambiran, aahh! So memorable! I'll never forget that day :D

It's about us, X9 (Sedes Sapientiae Semarang 2012-2013)

Love this photo! aken by Tasya and her Camera! <3

Me and Sasa!

"ok" couple, kkk~


Tasya, Elsa, Dina

Angel and Agnes

Dina and Shania

Left-Right : Tasya, Dina, Me

Me, Tasya, Dina and the other vocal group


at the backstage together!

at Pecinan after dinner

Me and Shania!

Me and Coki, he's a capoeira member too :D



"Kurok" and "Berok" XD
Tasya and Elsa!

Tommy -_-a

The other vocal group with Mr. Toni
My crazy teachers (Mr. Bonar and Mr. Toni)

 And...that's called CAPOEIRA (below) ...

 Thanks for watching my photos!
Love, Amelia!!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

My First Performance at Semawis

Sasha, me, Bella! <3

Bella's so beautiful!
 Hello girls!! I'm  so happy today ... My first concert finally went pretty well, although there was a slight problem at first, but fortunately everything was back to normal. My Groups Vocal named "AIRISH", consisting of me, Dina, Sasha and Vivi. We sang "We are Young" and follow the arrangements Little Mix. Quite a lot of people are praised, we are very grateful and relieved.
In Semawis I had felt a little sense of confusion, well .... the problem my own feelings ... I don't want to fall for a second time into the same hole .. but why did that feel different ...> <
My school not only show vocal group, but also "CAPOEIRA", do you know about it? Capoeira is a kind of sport (maybe..) mix of breakdance, martial and sports body movement too...

What I wear :
Loose Cardigans-Heath
Black top
Ombre Jeggings-Jakarta
Assorted bracelet
Cambridge Satchel Bag

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

February + CNY 2013 Photos

 ^ don't have to care about the text in the food box, because my cooking club only supply that box, what can I do? -_-Kkk ~

I joined the cooking club, and today's the day we cooked a chicken pie or Quicce Loraine, quite easily, we make the dough and fill the pie shell with chicken that has been cooked with cream and then we bake it! Garnish it with cheese and oregano! 

by me! Quicce Loraine <<(is that the right name? kkk~)
 Hello lovelies! I came back with a lot of pictures about Chinese New Year 2013 and my outfit.
In my city, Semarang City, while Chinese New Year arrived, there is always a festival and Semawis Market. "Semawis" contains a lot of traders associated with the Chinese New Year and there is also featured Chinese culture such as lion dance, puppet potehi and much more! There was very crowded! Lots of delicious food there as Nasi Campur Jakarta (pork), hizit, and plenty of food containing pork. Semawis opened yesterday, and this is the second day for Semawis, tomorrow is the closing ceremony, and I will perform with my vocal group there! Wish us luck!
Today I went to Semawis with my family, and I bought one simple red sweater with a very cheap price, IDR 35 000! : 3 heheheh ~
Then we ate Japanese food, but I did not take a picture ...
Then we went home, and I tried my new sweater :)

pretty to the max!
a lot of China Traditional Cap
Don't forget about batik!

Lion Dance / Barongsai

 My photo with my new sweater ...

 What I wear:
-Red Sweater-Semawis
-Shirt - unknown
-Short - Bali
- Hat - My friend's olshop
- Boots - Adorable Projects
- Bow Tie - Pretty
- Cross Ring - My friend's olshop
- Spike Bracelet-Friend's olshop, Skull Bracelet-Stroberi, Name Bracelet-DIY

 I didn't take a photo with my clothes on Semawis, because there is very crowded and hard to take a picture, when arrived home I was in a hurry to try my new sweater: 3 and before leaving, I had no more time, because we were in a hurry x_xV