Saturday, March 9, 2013

*OOTD and Some Photos

Hello all, how do you guys today? I'm pretty happy and feel free because the test is over!
I wasn't satisfied with the value I got, but it was pretty good, there are some of my grades improved.
Soon, school will hold a farewell night for 12th grade students, I will be very busy with that because I'm a student council, so I had to come home a little late, but I'm sure the show will go well!

Comics that I bought this week

One week ago, me and my family went to Prince House cafe , the place is quite comfortable and I love the food, the price is not too expensive, :)

Orange, Romeo and Juliet Smoothie, Tea

Spaghetti Bolognaise
Mushroom Cream Soup
Special Steamboat

The view from the was raining

Some days later, my family from Jakarta came, and we went out to eat "Mie Jowo" (Javanese Noodle), they really love foods in my town, especially the Javanese noodles!

Javanese Noodles friends...satays!!

After the test is over, me and my school friends also went refreshing in Java Mall (mall in my town), we played Pump and looking for yummy snacks

New drinks in my town ... similar with Calais or Chatime, but it's a  bit expensive, it taste good!

"Toko Oen"s Poffertjes

actually, it's from google, bcause I forget to take the photo ><  But, the Ramen  just same like that :)

SHIBUYA (from google, bcs I forget to take photos)

Sketch of the day :)

Just re-arranged some of my accessories

What I wear :
Nevada Shirt
Red Cambridge Satchel Bag (via Chijeu House)
Studded Belt by Ratu Paksi
Lace Ripped Shorts by Queenbee Shop
Alexandra Boots
My friend olshop Black Hat
Assorted Bracelets

Thanks for reading and watching my bad quality photos (///) XD
Sorry, for the bad photos :/

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Monday, March 4, 2013

The "Spring" Time

What I wear :
-Lace and Flowers Outer
-Floral mini dress
-Bow bangle from my auntie
-Pink Socks
-Black Wedges
-Creme Bow Bag from my auntie

 Hellooooooooooooooooo!! I'm back!!, 2 weeks I've been very busy with exams, and now I have time to update my blog ... actually tomorrow is the last day of exams ... pray for me please > <
I wish my grades get better this time ...
So what about you guys? Are there are exams? Ganbatte...!! :3

Oh yeah, I bought a floral dress and wedges that I wear at the Sunday market in my town, so cheap! all only 72k ( it's around 7,3$) !

“ I’ll always pick you, the prettiest flower that I can find, even if it’s the hardest one to get.” 
― pon and zi

Thanks for reading!!