Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gingham Check

Hello everybadeeeehhhh! Finally I'm back after busy weeks omg >< I already passed School Exams and The Last Tryout, #sighhappily , I don't know with the School Exams result , because it hasn't come out, but the last tryout result are out already, well, not too good, and not too bad, but it's better than my previous scores, even the difference isn't that much . So the last and the final challenge left is...National Exams!! Which held on April 13-15 2015, or it means....2 weeks more....I should prepare myself more and study more, I want to get great result for my exams. Please pray for me :3

I have a plan after my national exams finished, I just want to go to Surabaya or Jakarta, of course laa, for shopping ehehehe /// But it's a plan only, because I'm not sure my family will accompany me to shop or not, I don't wanna be alone :v hahaha 

And for college, I choose department of communication in Soegijapranata University, here, in Semarang, mm...actually I want to go to Ciputra University at Surabaya and take department of Fashion and business, but I feel pity for my parents, I realized that the college fee is too expensive for our family, and not include with the room rent fee, pocket money, the living expenses there is more expensive than Semarang and the other I just turned down my desire to go to Ciputra University, but my parents told me, they'll take me to a fashion course, the cost is cheaper but it's effective too for my future :) Thanks God, I got super loving parents hehehe

So, back to my outfit post hihi, I'm so happy I could make a photo shoot, with my church friends, Mia and Feby, they're food bloggers, you can check their food instagram @olalaigo and they're sisters hihihi, we went to Macario Cafe, a little cafe near my house, but I love the environment there, the interior feels so sweet and fresh, and not too crowded, so I can take a photo freely hihi :3

Feel so warn, right?

Nutella Almond Toast (IDR 19k)

My outfit : Grinitty-Cat bowler hat, Plaid Sabrina Top-NeeSally, White bodycon skirt-DIY, White Bag-Local Store, White Shoes-Aglae House, Watch-Alba

Smile as big as you can huahaha XD it's candid btw...

Bai baiiiii, see you on the next post lovelies <3 Thanks for visiting my blog too, have a great week!!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

School Exam is Coming

Hello my lovely friends, not an outfit post again, just want to share my feelings here, school exam is coming!! Actually it already started from last Saturday, I'm getting a bit depressed because I need to study and learn the subjects from grade 10-12 , I keep praying to God so He'll always beside me and I can be stronger >< I wish I can get good scores, I don't want to hesitate, I wanna make my parents happy, I wanna graduate from high school with great scores..

I hope all of you know my feelings, yeah, I'm too tired huaaa :( Need your supports and prayers, guys...
I will keep movin' on and hope the best !!

Well, that's all, please wait for my next outfit post, I already prepared for it, but it's not the right time to have a photo shoot :') Thanks for reading my post, my online diary :D
Wish you had a great time !

See you !!

Love you,
Milka Amelia