Sunday, February 22, 2015

a Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream

Yay! I'm back sooner than I thought before :D Thanks God!
I had a photo shoot 2 days ago at CNY Day hehehe, it was a holiday ... still in the CNY spirit here :D I didn't get much HongBaos (sobbing), but still thankful :D
I took all of the photos at Kota Lama (Semarang's Old Town Area) again, because me and Yosi still want to explore Kota Lama Area more :D

My Practical Exams went smoothly, but It's not over :v There are 4 days more for practical exams, and 2 days after the last practical exams, I'll have my Final Exams for one week, so I tell this once again to you my friends, maybe I'll take more day off from blogging, to prepare for my exams more :(

Back to my outfit now ^^,

Black outer-Yosi's , Rose Romper-Bought from Veren Lee, Alba Watch, Mommy's Vintage Bag, Alexandria Boots

Actually I really LOVE this rose romper, but when It came and I tried it, It's too small on the bust area :(, even my body's small :o So I'm going to sell this romper (Indonesia only), only worn once for this photoshoot, please chat me at Carousell : milkamelia ;)

See you on the next post, lovelies <3
Will have more day off bcs of my Final Exams still waiting :(
Thanks for visiting my blog 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Counting Days to Final Exams

Hello everybody, this post isn't my outfit post, because here I want to tell you about my blogging day off until the next two weeks, why? Because all of you already know, I'm on the 3rd grade of Senior High School, so I'll have my national exams, and start from tomorrow, beside National Exams, I'll have my practical exams that determine my graduation too, I'll concentrate more on my school exams, so I won't have photoshoot for this two weeks, I'm really busy and tired kyaaa :( I hope all of you keep following my blog and stay in touch with me :D please pray for my National Exams and the other complementary exams, really need your prayers and support, I hope I can pass all of my Exams well and I wish I'll get great scores too for all of my exams. 
I promise all of you I'll comeback after maybe 1-2 weeks. 

Thanks for your attention >w< Wish a great day for all of you <3 <3 See ya on the next two weeks!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


hello everyone! how about your day? :D
Finally, the second tryout is over, last week was really exhausting! But this second tryout was better than the first one I guess...This week, I'm free from tests or the other tryout, just for this week, next week is the time to practical test :v, please wish me luck! I will do my best too for my exams :3 Well, for pratical test, I will do a lot of things, for Javanese and English, I'll have a drama performance, for Religion, I'll have to sing "tembang macapat" (Javanese traditional song), but I should change the lyric with bible verses (-,,-)", make a thesis, and do an observation, errgghh so many! And for Indonesian, guess what will I do, I'll do Stand Up comedy, yes, this is really surprising me, because this isn't usual, the previous year, for Indonesian usually will do speech, or news reading, but,....this year ...stand up comedy...

Okay, just believe in my self *yosh* !!

Back to my outfit hehehe

All of this photos are taken by my church friend, Yosi Octavia at Old Town Area, Semarang City. There's a lot of old buildings which left by Netherland during the colonial era, I really like the architecture and the shape of the buildings, so vintage, you need to visit Old Town Area when you're in Semarang, it's also part of historical heritage of Indonesia :) Old town area is very often used by people to take pictures. This is only a small part of Old Town area at Semarang, because I don't have much time to take photos, so I and Yosi only went around for a while, but if you discover all the parts of Old Town area here, I'm pretty sure you'll take a lot of photos hihihi :)

What I wear : Jeans Jacket-Daddy's , Shirt-Holy Shop, White Skirt-PTC Surabaya, White Socks, Pink Jelly Shoes-Holy Shop, Pink Bunny Headband-Stroberi, White Sporty Watch

Forget about the second picture below XD hahaha~

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I will be really happy if you leave comments for me ! ^^ <3
Wish a great day for all of you !!

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hello February

The first day of 2nd Tryout done! Well, Indonesian went smooth with a bit of ambiguity, I'm so confused, should I choose A or B because it's very similar and I have to choose the most right answer @@ 
And geography almost killed me *throwthetestpaper* Damn hard -_-
Okay, forget about my tryout, let's have some casual and fun topic wkwkwk
These photos are taken 1 week ago by my brother when he came back to Semarang,because he lives in Kudus now. I wore pretty simple outfit here hehehe. My friend, Yosi cannot have a photoshoot with me because of her final project, and she's so busy hehe, Good luck ci Yosi! 

"You don't need branded things, If you found prettier cheap things around, hehe" *my motto*

Top- Daddy's, Belt-Stroberi, Pants-Bali, Shoes-Bata, Bag-Bro's, Birdie Necklace-Froget the olshop's name

Detail of my outfit

Have a fabulous month, everyone <3 Thanks for visiting my blog, sorry for my bad english :')

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