hello everyone! how about your day? :D
Finally, the second tryout is over, last week was really exhausting! But this second tryout was better than the first one I guess...This week, I'm free from tests or the other tryout, just for this week, next week is the time to practical test :v, please wish me luck! I will do my best too for my exams :3 Well, for pratical test, I will do a lot of things, for Javanese and English, I'll have a drama performance, for Religion, I'll have to sing "tembang macapat" (Javanese traditional song), but I should change the lyric with bible verses (-,,-)", make a thesis, and do an observation, errgghh so many! And for Indonesian, guess what will I do, I'll do Stand Up comedy, yes, this is really surprising me, because this isn't usual, the previous year, for Indonesian usually will do speech, or news reading, but,....this year ...stand up comedy...

Okay, just believe in my self *yosh* !!

Back to my outfit hehehe

All of this photos are taken by my church friend, Yosi Octavia at Old Town Area, Semarang City. There's a lot of old buildings which left by Netherland during the colonial era, I really like the architecture and the shape of the buildings, so vintage, you need to visit Old Town Area when you're in Semarang, it's also part of historical heritage of Indonesia :) Old town area is very often used by people to take pictures. This is only a small part of Old Town area at Semarang, because I don't have much time to take photos, so I and Yosi only went around for a while, but if you discover all the parts of Old Town area here, I'm pretty sure you'll take a lot of photos hihihi :)

What I wear : Jeans Jacket-Daddy's , Shirt-Holy Shop, White Skirt-PTC Surabaya, White Socks, Pink Jelly Shoes-Holy Shop, Pink Bunny Headband-Stroberi, White Sporty Watch

Forget about the second picture below XD hahaha~

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Wish a great day for all of you !!

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  1. Thank you! yes we can do that, i followed you :)

  2. Wow, I like your outfit very much. I immediately fell in love with your headband. I wondered if you would like to follow each other. Let me know on my blog. That would be really awesome! :)

    1. Thanks for following, followed you back! :)

  3. Halo, Milka! Kamu lucu banget sih, gemes deh ♥
    Itu headband kamu lucu banget! Mirip kelinci! Blog kamu jg bagus, rapi gitu aku suka. Kbanyakan blog Indo ngga bgini sih. Salam kenal ya!

    Alive as Always

  4. I love your outfit and your blog! ^-^ sooo lovely and adorable! ^-^ Would you like to follow each other? Let me know and I will follow you back!

  5. Really love that outfit!
    You look so cute with that hair!

    I would be sooo happy if we will follow each other and stay in touch, honey! Follow4follow? :D
    xoxo Colli // tobeyoutiful

  6. So cuuuute <3 I really love your pink tee. sooo valentine :D
    thanks for the tips yah. Next time ke semarang, bakal mampir deh ke kota tua

    ♥ Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd
    instagram > @rizunaswon

  7. I follow you back dear! ^-^

  8. Udah aku folback ya, Mel ;)
    Kamu kuliah ke Jakarta dong biar bisa main bareng hehe

    1. yahh sayang banget kakk aku d smrg ni kuliahny :( tp sdraku bnyk yg disana, jd ntr bakal sering main ke jkt kok hihii, makasih kakk ;)

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  10. You look adorable dear!

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  11. I really like your outfits in your blog :)

  12. Cute look and I love how you incorporate the headband to this look, completely make the looks even better ! Cute blog :)

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  15. nice post swthrt
    you look good
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  16. Very nice look dear!
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  17. Thank you dear, I followed you back via GFC, Instagram, Twitter :)

  18. you are soooo gorgeous! kamu cute, lucu banget! and I love your entire outfit! ^ ^
    salam kenal yahhh. xx
    From Bali, Indonesia - with love, Imme ❤

  19. duh... gemesss ^_^
    lubu bangeeett
    love your outfit❤
    I follow You


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