Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top Skirt?

Hello everybody???
I'm back :p
I have received my report card  few days ago, the result is quite good ... but I'm going to keep fighting!
This is a simple outfit, but still look sweet, because there are lace detail around the top, but...
Actually, that's not a top, that's a SKIRT :P ehehee
I use it as a shirt, looks nice, right? :p

white outer : bro's. grey lacey skirt as the top :p ruffled short : gifted. strappy heels : . necklace : forgot the OS name. fluffy pastel hairband as bracelet: sakura

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have a nice weekend!
love, ameliaaa

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Popping Red

Hat: Grinitty. Dress: QueenbeeShop. Bag: Chijeu House. Shoes: Daddy's. Bow Tie: Local shop. Rings: Shiorimore

Hi , hello!!!
Sorry I just post 1 photo, and sorry for the bad quality photo...:s

Mid-test is over XD but I'm not too satisfied with my mid-test scores :( But I'm still grateful, because all of my scores are ​​above the average. 

Ohhh, I want to ask your opinion guys, what if I wear contact lenses? Because I saw a lot of girls nowadays who use contact lenses, and their eyes are so beautiful, should I wear contact lenses or not?
if I use contact lens, what color should I choose between dark brown and black?

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Love, Amelia

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hello-hello!!! :*

I just cut my hair becomes thinner, because if my hair is too thick, it's looks like a lion! My hair isn't beautiful :(, I don't know how to care my hair to be beautiful hair -_- I'm confused choosing a hairstyle that suits me, anyone have any suggestions? : (

Grey Outer : gifted. White Lace Dress : Tata Shop. Lace Hairpin : DIY. Glasses : Shiorimore. Woven Bag : KAYA. Lace Socks : DIY. Shoes : Daddy's :P. Watch : Alba

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Amelia <3

Friday, March 7, 2014


Cap : Shiorimore. Jeans Jacket : daddy's. Bart Simpson top : La' belle. Pants : Queenbee Shop. Shoes : DIY. Barbie Head necklace : DIY. Assorted bracelets. Bag : Jansport.

Mid test left one more day , thanks God ... some test scores have been announced. For English test, I got 90  :3, and Math!! This is a miracle for me, I got 84 (I'm not too good at math -_-)

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Ms. Simple

Chinese Test today : 100% success! XD
Religious Test : I really answer it with faith .__."""
Keep fighting! Mid-test still left 2 more days :G
Pray for me, please ><
Tribal outer : La'belle. Black Shirt. Dream catcher necklace : DIY. Pants : Queenbee Shop. Shoes : daddy's (i love his shoes so much :v). assorted bracelets.

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Love, Amelia

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Little Sweet One

Sorry for my bad resolution pics, actually it's not the real photo size, because I captured them and delete the original one ._.v
Today is the fourth day of the mid-test. You know, this is the first time, I feel that the sport test was more difficult than mathematics, aarrghhhh .____."

Flowercrown : DIY. White shirt : my uniform :p. Plaid outer : gifted. Brown skirt : DIY. Shoes : Daddy's!. Bangle : gifted. Bag : gifted. 

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Love, Amelia

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

polka mocca

starting from last Monday, my mid test started, a bit nervous, because this is the second semester. And today the third day, I felt pretty calm and could pass it well > < I'm not confident with accounting subjects, arrrghhh 
schedule for tomorrow is geography and sport. Trust me, only in Indonesia, there's a theory test for sport 

cat bowler hat : grinitty. blue sweater : thrifted. Polkadot Dress : gifted. Grey boots : adorable projects indonesia.
bag : gifted. necklace : Ratu Paksi. Bracelet : DIY

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Hi lovelies ><
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dress : thrifted. brown skirt as inner : DIY. Nude heels : Gosh. Red Satchel : I forgot the OS name. Statement Necklace : shiorimore. Bracelet : Ratu Paksi

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Amelia <3

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