Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Flower Crown by Milka Amelia

hi! I just finished creating a new flower crown. This is an order from my school, very cheap, only $ 5.... hehehe

Do you like it?


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Friday, January 11, 2013

the lessons


         Hello!! This is the last semester on my first grade of high school...
Back to the past.....I'm so sad and terrible when I saw my report card, the results were so bad, I was very weak in science, especially physics and chemistry, both values ​​were below the average, I want to cry and so shocked, from my grades in semester 1, now I studied more diligently for 2nd semester, every day I re-read lessons that taught, pray for me ><
I hope my efforts are not futile ... :')

What I wear ::
Black Bowler Hat-SOEN Shop
Flag Shirt-From my Auntie
Black Top as inner
Jeggings from my Auntie (Actually it's a dip dye pants, but because of my poor phone camera resolution, so it doesn't look like dip dye pants :( hope will get a camera soon >< )

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Drapped Outerwear - Heath
Black Top
Green Shorts
Studded Belt
Black Boots - Alexandra
Cambridge Satchel Bag
Assorted Bracelets-DIY
Cross Necklace-DIY are you? Yeah, back to the normal, back to my school life, a bit lazy, but what should I do? hahaha XD
Tomorrow, my school will hold an activity, it's Art Day...I'm a school commitee, so I should do this and that to make a wonderful Art Day, until late at school, so tired!

I'm with Dina, Sasa and Vivi will also perform in a vocal group, because it is still in the atmosphere of Christmas, we sang "Santa Clause is Comin to Town", even I think It's too late for Christmas: p wkwkkw, wish we luck! XD
Please pray for our performance for tomorrow, I'm a bit down lately XD

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