Sunday, January 14, 2018

Work it Out, Baby

Welcome to my second post in 2018~
So, how was your first 2 weeks in January? Mine went quiet well since I already accepted as an intern in Gadis Magazine (Femina Group) at Jakarta. So I'll be working there till the last March, and I moved to Jakarta temporarily due to my internship work. And I'm really excited to have a great experiences as a 'real' stylist and content maker at Gadis Magz. Wish that I would do and finish all my works there well!

I'm not that sad anymore, like in the previous post. I realized, I have to cheer up myself and stand-up once again to live my life, there are still many people around me who love and care about me. So it's not good for me and my life if I always stuck in my past. Even sometimes, but not often, I remembered my bad moments in the past, but it's okay, I'll go through all of this!
Time will heal me :)

Choose a grunge and rebel mood for this outfit post, and took those photos at new rooftop bar- Hi Nest! Bar at the 3rd floor of . Thank you my brother from another mother, Hans/ Hancek who took my photos kindly hahahah

I wearing red retro glasses from @kacamata_mylogy on instagram
Leather Jacket supported by Mas Ferdi , yay thanks!
Red Crop Top forgot the shop's name xd
Slit Training Pants from Juzzie Boutique
Hoop Earrings from Forever21
Boots from @mykvollshoes

Entering my 2nd week tomorrow as an intern at Gadis Magazine, jia you! Can't wait for all of those projects as a stylist and content maker for online web and magazine! Anyway you could find my writings for Gadis at already <3 Don't forget my name Milka Amelia!

Yay, that's all for this post, have a great week ahead pals! Stay fabulous and stylist, one more thing, don't forget to be happy :)


Monday, January 1, 2018

Golden 2018 Challenge + Self Resolution

Yay, Happy New Year 2018 and Happy Holiday, babes! So happy another year has passed with many sweet, sour, even bitter memories in 2017. A hectic semester with many harder tasks and tests, struggling and fighting for myself as a fashion beauty blogger and influencer, then another fall in love and one more broken heart one week before Christmas 2017, I'm trying to be strong and move on, the past is in the past, right? I have to learn from past's experiences, right...
Even I'm literally broken, had to let go someone I love the most, when it's the time to let him go, because you have to stop caring and loving someone who doesn't care and deserve you, or you'll be hurt... like me :)

and Thanks to all of ur supports and love for me till now, I could keep writing and making content, still need your supports as always!

To open a festive 2018, choose a gold-themed outfit, hopefully that this year could be brighter, sparkling and 'shiny' more than 2017. Thanks for my friends who took all of the photos, they are @wakhidddd , @octavianusimm and @donnyhogi18, without them, this post wouldn't be posted haha! 

Like my usual favorite style, currently I'm in love with midi skirts hihi, and I got my gold tulle skirt for $11 only but the quality is good, and it looks sweet, and elegant in the same way. And one more interesting fact about this outfit post, I dared myself to dress myself with items that only cost $60 from head to toe!
So when I was in Jakarta, I decided to go to Mangga Dua to shop some items for this outfit, even I didn't get my slip on at Mangga Dua, it was bought online only for $16  at @lasenoraboutique on instagram!

Scroll down for more~

Well, I got a one set black top with shiny nude-gold camisole as outer for $15, and the midi skirt like I told u above just for $11, and that cute yellow sling bag is Only For $10 thank God I found many cute things there with affordable prices as I challenged my self !

Oh, almost forgot my glasses, I got it around 1 year ago, from on instagram, it's affordable too, around $10 , this glasses is one of my fav accessories hihi!

I will make the summary of my outfit items,
- Glasses from on instagram
- One set black top + camisole from Mangga Dua ITC
- Midi skirt from Mangga Dua ITC
- Yellow Sling bag from Mangga Dua ITC
- Slip on from @lasenoraboutique on instagram

So I passed my self-challenge, yayyyy!

Last, but not least, let's slay 2018 more! Make the past as the lesson for yourself to be a better person and a better human-being, this year, I wanna work harder for my school, don't want to waste my time anymore since I entered the senior year of college, omg, let's do the best to achieve to best! I wanna work hard too for my dreams, especially in the fashion and beauty world, even I know there will be many obstacles in front of me after this, since I'm the only one who support myself :') I'll do my best for all of you! I want to inspire ppl with myself, once again thanks for all the supports!

This 2018, I wanna be serious too about relationship, I'm tired of getting hurt, I'm tired of being played, I'm already 20, so I guess I have to start to think about my future with my -soon- half hahaha who ever you are out there!
And, for my ex, that we just broke up one week before X-Mas,
thanks for all those memories, and love, yeah I dunno was it love or only as your companion all this time. I'm sorry, I'm tired and enough with this 'grey' relationship, didn't mean that I do not love you, I DO LOVE YOU SO MUCH,
but I can't stand yourself and our relationship anymore, I got really really hurt.
So, goodbye, thank you Mr. G ...
It's true, you may love someone, but you can't push him or her to be in ur life forever :) 
Sorry I'm sad :(

I guess that's all for this post, Happy New Year everyone, hope that our 2018's resolutions can be fulfilled ! Have a blessed year!
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Don't mind to leave comments below!
See you in another post babes!