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Hold My Breath

I've been gone for around 3 months from this blog, so sorry for being inactive here, but these past few month I'd like to be thankful I were (kinda) so busy and productive, thanked God, He gave quite much jobs and projects, from the endorsement projects, photo shoot jobs, and started my presenter, host projects, it was a good new start for me, and I'm glad I can rely on myself more and saving up my money more for my own needs. I'm happy I could be the independent me, making a life for myself, tried to travel around by myself several times while doing works too, I'd like to be thankful for all small things I achieved and had for myself, and I'd like to believe that it was a good start of my life.
Even actually, I wanna say like.. I'm tired of living. Have you ever had this kind of feelings? I just wanna say I'm tired, of all things in my life. It hurts that you realized if your mind starts getting messier, and you can not fix and finish those things you…

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