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Let's Stay Inside

Howdy, everyone!
It's been almost half a year I didn't post anything here, had lots of thing to do back then in my daily life, such as working on my thesis paper, doing endorsement shots, and such. I'm doing....not that good actually..but I have to be okay and strong among those problems, that's a big struggling for me, lol.
I hope you guys didn't forget about me, anyway hahaha

But I'm glad that I'm back here with you my lovely friends and readers. I'm sorry since I couldn't write regularly like before due to my other activities, and lately I'm being more active on my Instagram @milka.amelia . So, if you would like to stay in touch with me more just reach me there!

Usually I'm writing my blog outside, in a nice coffee shop with a good coffee as well, but right now I'm typing inside my home, because we couldn't get outside, since it's still in the quarantine mode, because of Corona/ covid19 pandemic that's quiet creepy in the…

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