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[Event]- Levi's "I Shape My World"

Hello, pals! Back with Milka Amelia at Charming Berryz, and this is my very first post on May, I wish that this new month will bring more joy and blessings for me and you!

I'm gonna start my first post on May with an event post update, it's Levi's Indonesia Event on April 27th 2019, several days ago that held at Penang Bistro, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta. This time, Levi's is having a campaign to celebrate the spirit of women empowerment and the determination to inspire change in women's world.

And how could Levi's made this big "I Shape My World" Campaign? It's because Levi's got inspired by India's 2017 "I Shape My World" campaign, that Levi's took a step further by creating more universal, global campaign for all who identify as a woman. With some strong and empowering tag lines: "Risk Taker", "Rule Breaker", and "Change Maker" that wanna break those stereotypes and limits for women all this whole t…

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