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It was 3 months since my latest blog update. Wondering are you guys still here and excited if my new post is coming up to your feed? I guess no, but I dunno somehow I couldn't leave this page, because you guys knew it that I'm growing up until today with this blogger page, since I've been starting my blog since 2011. This blog is like my virtual diary, and life journal, I shared most of my life experiences and my feelings through this blog pages, even I dunno if someone would read it or not, lol. Just shared it anyway hahaha.

Oh, hope you guys that read this post is having a good Tuesday, and please stay healthy since this pandemic wouldn't stop in nearer time (I guess...), even it's already entering the "new normal" mode, this virus shouldn't be underestimated. Eat well, rest well, exercise well, and be happy :)

I wish I could be happy too. Sadly I didn't feel that well this past few years, but I'm still going through it all till today. It&#…

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