Saturday, April 14, 2012

Feel Like High School

Hola ! Two more weeks I'll be passing junior exams. I was very scared and worried with the situation. These weeks I learned many lessons thatmade ​​me tired and dizzy. But one that I like, I will high school! I'm going to school in Sedes Sapientiae high school. Fantastic, I'm so happy. I've bought my new uniform, very cute and perfect for me.There are four kinds of skirts, gray skirt, red plaid skirt, a blue plaid skirt, and black skirt. There are 2 kinds of the blouse, white blouse and batik blouse. I want to quickly pass the high school. I'm a bit sad to part with my friends in junior high YSKI Christian, but we can still be met.

Over the past few days, I will not post on my blog, because I will focus on the exam, I hope you all support me, and you can pray for me. I'dmanaged to graduate with good grades! Thank you for your support!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1st Blooming

Hi all, I never show myself in this blog, but this time for the first time I tried to show my own style. Maybe I have not much wardrobe, but I'm trying to show what I got, here I am, how do you think? I hope you do not mind to make comments on this post. Thank you so much!

This is me :D

Unbranded Lace Cardigan, Unbranded floral top, My Room skirt, Lace n pearl Socks, Gosh Heels, Unbranded Bow Clutch
Sorry for my messy room, I am busy with my final exam, I don't have much time to clean my room ><
My bow clutch

I love this heels so much, it's so cute

So what do you think about me? Critics or comments are welcome, thankyou for visiting my blog :D

♥, Amelia