Monday, July 20, 2015

Grey and Blue

Hello everyone! Happy Ied Mubarak my friends! :D
How was your day? And how was your holiday? I'm enjoying my holiday at Jakarta with my family, we gathered together, sometimes we went to the malls, and I think I gain more weight here because I ate a lot and forget my 'clean eating' :'D

The photos were taken at my cousin's home, It's a good corner to take photos I think heheheh

That day, we went to a new mall at BSD, AEON Mall, which came from Japan, I really love AEON Mall, because there's a lot of Japanese products there, include Japanese Fashion, even not much, unfortunately I didn't bring much money that time -_- uggghhh
We went to the Ramen Village, a food court that full of ramen stalls! We chose Ichiro Ramen (Universal Ramen), my cousin said it's the best ramen on ramen village. I had a bowl of Spicy Curry Buta Ramen, so sad I cannot post the photo here :(

Blue Shirt-PTC Surabaya
Lace Pants-forgot the online shop's name ._.v
Bag-Violett Taman Anggrek Mall
Shoes-Aglae House

The photos below were taken at Alam Sutera Mall, I went there with my brothers, gonna miss them!

White Dress-forgot the online shop's name ._.v

Enjoy your holiday lovelies! I hope you'll have a great week too :D Let's be friend on Instagram, follow mine @milka.amelia , mention me for a follow back :D
Thanks for visiting my blog, and sorry for my poor English heheheh


Monday, July 13, 2015

Guest Blogger at

         Hi lovely readers, yippie I'm back with my outfit post today~ But something different for this post, because my outfit post were posted at my friend's blog, Kak Bivi from , I'm a guest blogger there hehehehe~ This is my very first chance as a guest blogger, and I'm so excited hehe, I hope all of you will take a look at her blog and my outfit there~

         By the way, happy fasting for my Muslim friends, I hope this Ramadhan Month will bring you blessing from God :) Ramadhan Holiday is coming soon! Well, I'll go to visit my relatives there and gather together, even it's only for 4 nights, I believe it will be a great holiday for me. Check out my instagram : @milka.amelia for my ootds, let's be friends there too, mention me for follow back ^^

Here, I'll give you a sneakpeek for my outfit :
link :

Go visit for more photos and info about my outfit :)
And thankyou so much for Kak Bivi for allowing me to make a guest post hihihi

Have a good week everyone!