Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas in Town

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas for all of you, may this Christmas will bring more happiness and blessings. What are you doing on Christmas today?
This Christmas, I had a photo shoot at Kota Lama Street, Semarang with my best friend Stephen Nicholas, thank you Steph for your great photos! Due to my brother went to Jakarta for work and he will rarely come back to Semarang, so he cannot take my outfit photos anymore :''
In the evening, me and my Mom and Dad went to the church to attend the Christmas Celebration.
That's all about my Christmas day. Oh, I'm so happy, because finally: Hello Long Holiday!
I'll be back to the campus on March next year, any ideas what should I do on my long holiday?
I'm planning to go to Surabaya with my best friends and Wonosobo, to visit Veli, my best friend, besides it, Wonosobo is such a pretty little town on Central Java, famous with its Dieng Plateau, googling it and you'll get jaw dropped by its scenery <3

But first let's move to my outfit first ....
I wore pretty simple yet comfy outfit for this Christmas,

Kota Lama was pretty crowded this morning, there was a lot of people took photos at here too... my favorite spot is in front of Spiegel Bistro building, it's still closed anyway when I had this photo shoot, I love the architecture and design of Spiegel, it's classic yet beautiful <3 So I decided to took photos here.

Semarang was really sunny and hot today, I can't stand for too long on the outside omg :" It is scorching me!

Now let's talk about the detail of my outfit:
I got this pretty green top by @wearedollies on instagram only for around $12 , and unexpectedly, the material is super comfy and it looks so good on me <3
The red skirt from @little_muses on instagram too, you know, I'm a lover of instagram's fashion shop lol xD
Black platform heels from June and Julia
Bag is vintage from momma <3

And that's all for today's post!
Thankyou for reading, have yourself a merry little christmast , dear <3
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Unbreakable Woman

Hello lovelies! I'm back, welcome December! Finally it's the end of the year!
I'm so sorry for being very very late, but finally I got a chance to post something new here.
I've been busy with my school assignments, final test and my side job as Pagar Ayu :')
My final test will end next week, hope that I will pass the tests well, pray for me please lol <3

So, let's move to the main topic, about my outfit. All of the photos were taken by Udinus's DKV 15 Colleger, for their photography task last month. The concept was Harley Queen, not the exact Harley Queen too, but I should be a bad girl for this photo session haha

Luis and Niar, some of my friends from Udinus

Well I did my make up by myself hehe. The red and blue ombre hair sprayed with temporary colored hair spray hehehe

We took this photo shoot at Johar Market, it was the biggest traditional market in Semarang, but around the early 2015, unluckily Pasar Johar kiosk has been burned, I don't know the real reason until now, is it an accident or  someone did it purposely.
So sad that the biggest market in town destroyed by fire, but after it, this location become one of the popular photo spot for photography lovers because this place left a "grunge" atmosphere with all of the burned parts on the building.

What I wear:
Sukajan Cropped Jacket - @momokawaiishop (instagram)
Denim Shredded Pants - Fada
Boots - MyKvoll
Boho necklace - DIY by me

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope that you'll be inspired!
Have a nice day everyone, 
stay pretty and fabulous!
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Patches on Me!

Hello everyone, so sorry for the late update, I'm gone for one month ;(
Last month, I was really really busy, first because of mid exams, and got many jobs, because I work as a "Pager Ayu" too on weekend every week, Pager Ayu are girls who take care of seats in an event, so I have to send people who come to the event to their proper seats/ place. And it took so much energy, besides it, I wore high heels all day long and I'm not allowed to sit until the event is done.

But fortunately, last week I got a chance to had a photo shoot. I decided to have this photo shoot on Lawang Sewu, Semarang. A historical building left by the Colony with amazing architecture . Lawang Sewu usually known as "Pintu Seribu" because it has so maaaanyyy doors on it. And Lawang Sewu is famous with it's mystic atmosphere too, you really have to visit this place when you're in Semarang and take many photos <3

What I wore:
Patches Top from Instagram's Shop (Forgot the name) hehehe
Patches Skirt from @deshopaholic (Instagram)
Black Platform from June and Julia
Polkadot Socks from @gnt_shop (Instagram)
Glasses from @karamata_id (Instagram)
Bag from Veren Lee <3

Thanks for reading my post, stay tune with me, gonna post some more soon <3
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Have a nice week gurls!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Little Pink Bunny

Hello pretty ladies, I'm back with my first post of September, hope that this month will be greater than the previous one hihihi.
I'm quite busy these past few weeks, I had an acoustic performance 2 days ago for FAD Festival of Unika Soegijapranata, so I prepared it well, and I still have a dance performance on 16th, couldn't attend the dance rehearsal last week because of the acoustic performance :') Sooo busy, almost got no time for myself hahaha got no time for blogging too omg :(
But yesterday's performance was a blast, thanks Lord, we did well!

So let's move on to the main topic, all of the photos were taken by my friend who are photographer too, Niko, Stephen and Shemuel. We took the photos at Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa "Ambarawa Train Museum" and Eling Bening, a new recreation place at Ambarawa, but the place is so damn hot and I didn't like sun shine as well lol.

Check 'em out!

I'm not readyyy >< vv

Spot my Cute Pink Daisy Choker? Get it from Instagram @shocktoberiajewel , affordable prices and pretty collections as well!

So I wore black pants too, actually not the part of my outfit, but at Eling Bening was so hot, so I decided to not to change my pants into skirt hehe.
And I wore my comfy Slip on by Instagram @halonashoes , if you wanna get comfy and pretty slip-ons, you should check that shop, or maybe you could see my previous post for another pair of @halonashoes <3

White Heart Top - Instagram @modevrouwencloset
Pink Tennis Skirt - Instagram @letswearwell
White Platform Heels - Instagram @aglaehouse
Pink Choker - Instagram @shocktoberiajewel

So Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa filled with many old trains, really love the vintage atmosphere there. For you who loves train, there are a big board about train history, just visit this place, really recommended for taking photos!

I want to share my insecurities here too.... mmm...actually until now I'm feeling so fat, am I ?
All of my family born with muscular legs, it's not fat, and short body, say it as "Pear Shape Body" , I got really small upper body part, but people around me keep telling me if my legs are too big, actually tbh I'm sad and It's hard for me to accept that genetic factor, I worked out really hard since I was at High School, but nothing's happened, I kept telling myself to accept every parts of myself, my Mom said it too, if my legs are a gift from God, and it's not "that" big, but still, I feel so down all the time....
So hard to accept myself....

Anyway thanks a lot for visiting my blog, wish for a great day for you!
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