Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas in Town

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas for all of you, may this Christmas will bring more happiness and blessings. What are you doing on Christmas today?
This Christmas, I had a photo shoot at Kota Lama Street, Semarang with my best friend Stephen Nicholas, thank you Steph for your great photos! Due to my brother went to Jakarta for work and he will rarely come back to Semarang, so he cannot take my outfit photos anymore :''
In the evening, me and my Mom and Dad went to the church to attend the Christmas Celebration.
That's all about my Christmas day. Oh, I'm so happy, because finally: Hello Long Holiday!
I'll be back to the campus on March next year, any ideas what should I do on my long holiday?
I'm planning to go to Surabaya with my best friends and Wonosobo, to visit Veli, my best friend, besides it, Wonosobo is such a pretty little town on Central Java, famous with its Dieng Plateau, googling it and you'll get jaw dropped by its scenery <3

But first let's move to my outfit first ....
I wore pretty simple yet comfy outfit for this Christmas,

Kota Lama was pretty crowded this morning, there was a lot of people took photos at here too... my favorite spot is in front of Spiegel Bistro building, it's still closed anyway when I had this photo shoot, I love the architecture and design of Spiegel, it's classic yet beautiful <3 So I decided to took photos here.

Semarang was really sunny and hot today, I can't stand for too long on the outside omg :" It is scorching me!

Now let's talk about the detail of my outfit:
I got this pretty green top by @wearedollies on instagram only for around $12 , and unexpectedly, the material is super comfy and it looks so good on me <3
The red skirt from @little_muses on instagram too, you know, I'm a lover of instagram's fashion shop lol xD
Black platform heels from June and Julia
Bag is vintage from momma <3

And that's all for today's post!
Thankyou for reading, have yourself a merry little christmast , dear <3
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  6. Happy New Year - "I would just like to express how much joy you have given me, and wish for your joy and happiness in return. Happy New Year to you all"
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