Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 I got this Cat printed shirt from FangsHouse Giveaway last month hehehe the first time I won a giveaway :3 It's really a cute shirt right? Even it looks simple, but I really like cat printed things ^^ Thanks FangsHouse for the giveaway :3
Aa, and the F21 hairpin, it's a gift from Lissa, my bestfriend hehehe I love the shape and it's color, so cute and feminine :3 :3

Hairpin - F21 (gift), Cat shirt - FangsHouse, Pants - Bali, Frilly Socks - DIY, Bow Platform, Rose Bracelet - DIY, Nude Bag, Dolly head Necklace -  DIY, ALBA Watch

Some selfies hehehe

It's a busy week for me, I still have to do my unfinished tasks, ganbareeeeee~~~ <3
Thanks for reading my post ^^ I'm really happy hehehe
Sorry for my bad english .__.

Have a great weekend, minna !!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Day and Night

Next week I've started school, time is running so fast, I still want a holiday :p whewhehe
This year is my last year in senior high school, soon I'm going to college! I want to take a scholarship in Japan, Harmony dressmaking major, so I must study harder *ganbatte*. Please pray for me to get the scholarships >< but if I don't get the scholarship, I would still study in Indonesia, because my parents aren't young anymore, I'm not sure to leave them, so they are not lonely. But they still gave me motivation to get a scholarship to Japan :")
Why I choose Japan? Because I really want to go to Japan! I really love japan >< And I wish I could live there one day :p whehehe

Now about my post title, it's "Day and Night" because my favorite girlband, KARA will make a comeback on August 18th , with the new member becuase Nicole and Ji Young out from KARA :( I wish for their success career outside KARA :') So the new member is, Young Ji :3 I really love the photoshoot concept, the looks so sweet and feminine :3

Can't wait for their comeback, yay yay!! ^^

And here's my outfit post :3 

Top : Lace Dress as a top :p , Skirt : DIY, Belt : Stroberi, Woven Bag : KAYA, Roses bracelet : DIY, Lace hairpin : DIY, Watch : Alba, Lace Socks : DIY, Wedges : Pasar Murah Stadion
I love DIY things, because it's cheaper, I can make it by myself, so I don't need to buy hehehe :P

ohh...I wish for slim legs ~~

sorry blurr ><

Thanks for reading my blog ^^ Hope you have a great day ~ <3
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sweety Sweet

Aaaargghh...I got a lot of tasks from my teachers ...! There are 10 tasks that must be finished in two weeks :( 
I have finished half of my tasks *yay* how about your eid holiday ? Do you get a lot of tasks/ homeworks like me? ehehe~~ 
eem actually I'm confused, what topic that should I share in this post, I don't have any story...hmm...*__*

what an ugly hair .__. I want to have pretty hair TT

Bowlet Hat : Grinitty, Top : Holy Shop, Skirt : DIY, Bag : Mom's Vintage, Frilly Socks : DIY, Wedges : Pasar Murah Stadion, Watch : Dad's Alba, Vintage Necklace : Ratu Paksi

See you on the next post friends {}Thanks for visiting this poor blog (.__.)v Sorry for my bad english hehe ^^

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Play with Playsuit

Hello my lovelies <3
In this post I wear playsuit from ShopatBeau Shop (Instagram) , this is my very first playsuit, is it looking good on me? :/ I don't think so .__.v I'm not confident when I try this playsuit ... I'm soooooooo short TT

The photos were taken about 3 months ago whahaha

Next week, my holiday is over, yes, eid holiday ^^ I went to Surabaya with my family, just for a while, I'm happy because I can shop a little there with cheap price ^^
How was your eid holiday?

Shirt : Shiorimore (IG), Playsuit : ShopatBeau, Sneakers : Nike. Bag : Jansport, Headband : Stoberi, Necklace: DIY, Assorted Bracelets

Thanks for visiting my blog ^^ I'm happy if you enjoy this blog :D Sorry for my bad english .___. still learning :3

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Jazy's Birthday Party!

Hi my friends ... I'm back whoahahahaha *devilhorn*
I'm a lazy blogger, right? I don't post anything here for 3 months I think, ><v

There are some reasons, first, I'm so busy with my school activity, because I'm a student council too, and I got a lot of tasks *grrr*
second, Lately my health condition is bad, because around May-July I'm soooo busy with fratellanza Concert (Pentas Seni), which is an annual event at my school, well it's a big event for my school, so it should be prepared well. And finally last month, I got Typhus *clapclap*, doctor said because I'm too tired and don't eat well .__.v, so I need to rest more and not do something that will affect my health.
Actually after Fratellanza Concert, our student council need to prepare for Masa Orientasi Siswa (MOS) which held in July, it's a big event too!! *whoaaa><*, at Semester holiday, we need to hold meetings, a lot of meetings to clear the unclear things :G but I couldn't attend the meetings because I was sick >_<

But now I'm totally healthy!! Lalalala~ but (again) I have to keep an eye on my health condition , because Typhus may recur again , and I'm not allowed to eat SAMBAL which I really LOVE, *sakitnya tuh .. disini #lebay*

Now to the main topic! Jazy's sweet 17th birthday party which held 2 months ago, I think (I forget the date)
She's my junior high school bestie <3 But when Senior High School I entered Sedes Sapientiae, and Jazy still in YSKI with my other friends, so at Jazy's birthday party, I felt like a reunion of junior high school :p I miss my old friends so much!!

Jazy, the birthday girl <3 she's gorgeous right?

The other photos (taken with my friend's phone) (v)

aand my photos! Taken by Ci Mia's camera <3 <3 Thanks a lot cici! She's my make up artist too :p Because I couldn't do make-up by myself at that time wehehe

Dress : DIY , Lace Hairpin : DIY, Wedges : Pasar Murah Stadion, Bag : My friend's olshop

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I'm happy if you enjoy my posts!! Sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning until now! <3 
Don't forget, my blog url is, NOT anymore <3 

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