Thursday, April 7, 2016

Love Yourself

Hello everyone! Welcome April~ Hope this month will bring more blessing and happiness for you!
It's been a busy week for me, my lecturers gave me lots of tasks, *_* but fortunately, I passed this week well, even I couldn't get enough sleep, and my dark circle getting worse, I guess ><

Let's talk about this outfit. Two weeks ago I got a spare time, so I decided to take a photo shoot at Maerokoco, PRPP Semarang. Took by my brother as usual.

Wore 15 cm platform heels by June and Julia, so far this is the highest heels that I've ever had, well, I'm a shortie who addicted with heels xD I'm thinking to get another pair hehe

About the look:

Beret hat by Stroberi, Navy Blue Maxi Cardigan (Forget the Shop's name), Chijeu House Satchel, Red pleated skort (gifted), White Blouse (ADA), Heels (June and Julia)

I want to share my insecurities to you here... actually I got this problem since so long, yup, It's a big problem for me to love myself, to accept myself, I always compared myself with the other girls with their "perfect" condition, and it always make me down and worry more and more.
I eat lesser, been afraid with the weight scale, do work out more often, count every foods I ate in a day, I don't know, I just afraid of being fat, why I and never satisfied with myself.

And since I ate lesser, and do work out like crazy, but why I got 2 kgs more?? I'm an 18 years old, does it related with the puberty or growing up?



So sorry, I just freaked out ._. But I guess, this made me feel better...
And thankyou for visiting my blog, hope you got some inspirations~
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Have a great day,