Monday, October 29, 2012

Blue Floral

Hello! Two days ago I back from retreat in Bandungan, Semarang. There, I and my church mates from KRE celebrate KRE's  birthday which was 35 years. Happy birthday KRE!! (Ebenhaezer Youth Commission)

My outfit today. Stay simple as usual, I'm happy with my new skirt :) Thank you mama!

Plain Purple Top. Rainbow Dreamcatcher Necklace by me.
DIY Blue Floral Skirt. Black Leather Boots. Braided Belt. Bracelets (Left: CL,
Right: by me). Black Mustache Ring

Maybe I'm a little bit quaint, but this time, I like the EXO's song titled Mama, their music are quite unique and makes me tremble because of dance and vocals are very cool, the song is also unique.
Kai is very sexy! And I'm fascinated by Chris and Se Hoon's cute faces ><I want to have a cute boyfriend like their faces ... hahaha (dreaming *)

Let me show you the MV! :)





I don't know too much about EXO-M, but I liked the one of its members, namely Luhan ! ^^


Friday, October 19, 2012


On 16 October ago was my birthday, but I can't post anything because I'm live in Magelang Gantang 3 Village. My first live in is very impressive, I got a lot of experience and learned a lot of things. I went to the woods, got a lot of new friends, got a new family, learn cutting grass, feed cows, and many more, I'm not allowed to bring my hp, or other electronic devices. My birthday this time is very different because the live in, I don't even want to go home :( There are very nice, the air is cool and the people were very friendly impressed me, the 19th of October I went back to Semarang with a lot of stories and a lot of souvenirs . Mrs. Yanti brought me a lot of souvenirs, collards, cabbage, beans and snacks. I'll miss you Mrs. Yanti, I'll miss you my dear Gantang village! At the holiday I and my friends are planning to go back there.

What I wear: Ruffle Top, Vintage Flower Necklace-Ratu Paksi, Lace and Cross Bracelet-DIY, Rainbow and Wood Bracelets-Citraland, Top as inner, Braided Belt. Gosh Nude Heels, Tosca Batik Skirt-DIY, Creme Shoulderbag


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Accessories! (By Me)

Colorfull Peace Dreamcatcher!
Candy and Cross Chain Bracelet

Blues Chain Bracelet

Woodie Bracelet

Pinkish Bracelet
Gothica Chain Bracelet

I mix some bracelets! ^^ Colorfull!

Want it? You can send me and e-mail on :, so you can ask everything about my bracelets :)

(For Serious Buyer Only) ^^


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I love this month! I hope this month will make be the best month of this year...on 16th October, I turn 15 years old...^^
On 16, the 10th grade students will go to live in on some villages...Magelang Villages, Getasan Villages, and many other villages. Me and Vivi (my classmates) will be in Magelang, Central Java, St. Antonius Ganggas III Village. When live in, we will learn to interact with the villagers, working with our foster parents there, learn the culture of the people in the village, it would be a good day, I can't wait it anymore! ^ ^

 Mm...some photos of my outfit today ^^
But sorry for the bad quality photos :D

 Polka Collar Top- Patrice Online Shop, Ribbon Ruffle Short, Assorted Bracelets made by me, lacey socks, Nude Boots- Adorable Projects Indonesia, Nude Shoulderbag