On 16 October ago was my birthday, but I can't post anything because I'm live in Magelang Gantang 3 Village. My first live in is very impressive, I got a lot of experience and learned a lot of things. I went to the woods, got a lot of new friends, got a new family, learn cutting grass, feed cows, and many more, I'm not allowed to bring my hp, or other electronic devices. My birthday this time is very different because the live in, I don't even want to go home :( There are very nice, the air is cool and the people were very friendly impressed me, the 19th of October I went back to Semarang with a lot of stories and a lot of souvenirs . Mrs. Yanti brought me a lot of souvenirs, collards, cabbage, beans and snacks. I'll miss you Mrs. Yanti, I'll miss you my dear Gantang village! At the holiday I and my friends are planning to go back there.

What I wear: Ruffle Top, Vintage Flower Necklace-Ratu Paksi, Lace and Cross Bracelet-DIY, Rainbow and Wood Bracelets-Citraland, Top as inner, Braided Belt. Gosh Nude Heels, Tosca Batik Skirt-DIY, Creme Shoulderbag



  1. nice skirt! It looks great with your simple coloured top. love your bracelets too! :)


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