Blue Floral

Hello! Two days ago I back from retreat in Bandungan, Semarang. There, I and my church mates from KRE celebrate KRE's  birthday which was 35 years. Happy birthday KRE!! (Ebenhaezer Youth Commission)

My outfit today. Stay simple as usual, I'm happy with my new skirt :) Thank you mama!

Plain Purple Top. Rainbow Dreamcatcher Necklace by me.
DIY Blue Floral Skirt. Black Leather Boots. Braided Belt. Bracelets (Left: CL,
Right: by me). Black Mustache Ring

Maybe I'm a little bit quaint, but this time, I like the EXO's song titled Mama, their music are quite unique and makes me tremble because of dance and vocals are very cool, the song is also unique.
Kai is very sexy! And I'm fascinated by Chris and Se Hoon's cute faces ><I want to have a cute boyfriend like their faces ... hahaha (dreaming *)

Let me show you the MV! :)





I don't know too much about EXO-M, but I liked the one of its members, namely Luhan ! ^^



  1. Kris is EXO-M's
    Kai is mine :p
    Kris didn't got that "cute look", his face seemed like a handsome angrybird, hahaha
    Kris is the one who rapped in EXO-M's MAMA.
    maybe u were wrong, those cute faces on EXO-K are Sehun's and Baekhyun's or maybe Suho's. maybe u named it wrong dear :)


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