I love this month! I hope this month will make be the best month of this year...on 16th October, I turn 15 years old...^^
On 16, the 10th grade students will go to live in on some villages...Magelang Villages, Getasan Villages, and many other villages. Me and Vivi (my classmates) will be in Magelang, Central Java, St. Antonius Ganggas III Village. When live in, we will learn to interact with the villagers, working with our foster parents there, learn the culture of the people in the village, it would be a good day, I can't wait it anymore! ^ ^

 Mm...some photos of my outfit today ^^
But sorry for the bad quality photos :D

 Polka Collar Top- Patrice Online Shop, Ribbon Ruffle Short, Assorted Bracelets made by me, lacey socks, Nude Boots- Adorable Projects Indonesia, Nude Shoulderbag



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