Thursday, May 16, 2013

Double S

Yes....another simple look :)

-Skull Assymetric Top by Choco Chip Shop
-Stripes Legging found at Instagram Shop ( forget the name x_x)
-Nike Sneakers
-Satchel by Soen Shop
-Black Stone necklace, gifted from China
-Assorted bracelets

What should I write ? :| I'm a bit speechless, dunno why :/
But this is my another simple look :D
And I really love this stripes legging, it makes my legs looks slimmer :G

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

OOTD at Sedes Home Concert

Hello friends! How are you? I've stress enough with a lot of activities, take care of school concerts, study for tests, etc, might be called, I was tired of school! TT
This week too, pray for me! > <

But in the middle of 'stressing' school activity, my school, Sedes Sapientiae Senior High School held a farewell concert with my senior.
The show was a success, although a bit hassles.
The student council should wear black outfit or something with dark colour, I was also one of the student council so I had to wear black clothes too...
Lots of my friends say I'm a rocker, is that right? hahaha XD

I don't want to wear a complicated outfit, so I choose a cropped top and black leather skirt plus black belt with studs accent.

What I wear :
cropped top-SugarCandy
Black top as inner
Studded blet-Ratu Paksi
Leather Skirt-Grinitty
Cross Chain Necklace-DIY
assorted Bracelets
Black wedges
Cross ring

I will post the other photos of the concert on my next post, so please keep reading  :) 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

flag in action

 Ohayou minna-san! < greetings from Japan, am I right .__.? ahaha...hello lovelies I'm back after a while :P
And what's the reason? Because for a few weeks I have to do soooo manyyyyyyyy daily test, and I'm so stress!!! ><
And now I'm back with simple outfit :) And I post some new things on April-May :)

Do you know, I'm in love with my senior in my school, he's one year older than me, but unfortunately, he has a girlfriend :|, and I decided tu bury this feeling alone .__. poor meeeeee, what should I do .__.

What I wear :
- Flag Top as outerwear, Jakarta
- Black Basic Tanktop as inner, Jakarta
- Black Leather Skirt, Red Cat Bowler Hat, Grinitty Shop
- Cross Necklace, DIY
- Black Boots, Alexandra
- Bracelets, Stroberi and my Friend's olshop

New babieees already come!! :) And I still wait for my stripe legging, Dyed Short, Baby Blue Skirt, Neon Top, Skull Assymetric Top and White Top ><

Doodle :)

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog :)

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