Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Neon necklace-DIY, Flower Top-ShioriProjects, Grey Lace Skirt-CL, Lace Socks-Gifted, Black Wedges-Simpang5, Brown Satchel-SoenShop, assorted bracelets

Sorry for the bad pictures...:')
Actually, I have more photos of this outfit, but some of them were broken :s
New School Year starts! Now I'm a second year high school student, time flies so fast!
And that makes me surprised, I in the excellent class (ugh!) with clever students (ugh!), but not with me, I'm not a smart girl at all. _.
I just pray that I can get through this year well with them together ><
How was your day? :)

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Monday, July 1, 2013

True or False?

Tadaimaaaaa~ (It means 'I'm back' on Japan)
I left this blog for a while, because my house renovation, so I can't use my computer/ the other electric things, it's so hard for me, because  I can't take off my hand from my keyboard XD

A few more days, me and my church friends will go to Kaliurang, Jogjakarta for 'Youth Summit' Event, I can't wait for it! I will perform a theatrical dance there, and modern dance at the last part, so we need to prepare our costume and the other things, so today we went to Paragon to buy our costume.
Because it's a church event, so we're not allowed to wear something 'sexy' and such :)

And we picked this simple and 'polite' crop top, it's was on sale too XD so cheap, just IDR 30000 (around
I decided to buy this top, then all of my friends followed me and bought the same top too XD
I love the print on this top, ''True or False'' with flowers pattern.

What I wear:
Cat Bowler Hat-Grinitty Shop (Facebook)
Stacked Bracelets-Ratu Paksi
Cropped top + Inner-Details 
Braided Belt
Vintage Short-Store at Bali
Dreamcatcher Necklace-DIY
Brown Satchel-SOEN Shop
Boots-AdorableProjects Indonesia

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*sorry for the bad quality pics :'(

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