Sunday, March 19, 2017

Be One with Nature + Celebrating Lazada's 5th Birthday

Hello lovelies, I'm back with my second post of this month, how was your day?
I'm busy with my college tasks these days since my holiday ended 2 weeks ago. So, let's start talking about my outfit here. These photos are taken by my best-best-best friend, Stephen Nicholas at Surabaya when me and him had a trip there last year, on December.
Located on Kudos, a cool and minimalist cafe in west Surabaya, we took all of the photos. Not only me and Stephen, there was Gracia too, my bestie who lived in Surabaya! Very happy that people who I love could be gathered together that time.

Outfit details:
Knit top @staywoyo (instagram)
Tassel skirt , I forgot the shop's name ><
Lace-up heels @shoebaglovers (instagram)
Gucci bag given by auntie

So he is Stephen and his older sister! We're being friends since the 2nd semester of college, and he's so cute and he is the one who knows when I'm not in a good mood, when I had problems, he's a really really good friend, and now he's been busy with college tasks since he took Visual Communication Design Major, keep fighting! Good luck buddy!

Gracia and me! My bestie since we were in elementary school!

Anyway, I got a happy news from Lazada Indonesia that turns 5th this year, and Lazada surprised me with a Box of Joy they sent to me yesterday after I got back from class, it was super big moodbooster, right?!
A Box of Joy they sent to me contains various beauty products such as from NYX, L'Oreal, and Maybelline, see the photos below of me with my Box of Joy from Lazada Indonesia!

And I'll make my first make-up vlog tonight, uploaded it on youtube and my instagram @milka.amelia using beauty products from "a Box of Joy Lazada Indonesia" , stay tune ladies!!

Go quick check Lazada Indonesia  and find many special promo and discounts there, up to 70%! Fantastic right? The Birthday Promo starts tomorrow 21st until 23rd March 2017, so make sure that you won't missed the big chance , get things you want on Lazada Indonesia with super affordable prices and great quality, authentic items there <3

Well, thank you co much for reading my blog, hope that you will be inspired, and don't mind to leave comments below,
Don't forget to check Lazada Indonesia and all of the birthday promo and discounts there!!
stay in touch,

xoxo, Milkamelia

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Braided Gal

First of all, I'd like to say Happy Newe Year 2017 for all of my friends, my lovely blog readers, even if I'm the way toooo late omg, sorry for being inactive for a long time, maybe for 2 months, because I was "too" enjoying my long holiday, yes 3 months-holiday! I will tell you everything, about my short trip, my part-time working experience last holiday that made me soooo busy and running out of time.

And today I'm back to college, time to study again, and I'm done with my job, so finally I got a time to update my blog! Hope that you still peeking at my blog, I'd like to hear your comments or opinion, kind of brainstorming is fun, right?

I'm gonna write 2 times a month like usual, got many photos already, now time to write some here!

So all of the photo was taken at Sam Poo Kong, one of historical site in Semarang, left by the Famous Chinese Emperor, "Laksamana Cheng Ho", the place is big and I love the Chinese Buildings there, you can feel really strong chinese vibes there, so if you get some time to visit Semarang, make sure that you won't forget to visit Sam Poo Kong too, it's a good place to take photos too!

I braided my hair and gave a black bandana to make my outfit looks cooler, and not forget my feminine side, asymmetric denim skirt is the best, I still got that edgy vibes!

In love with my new black boots from @mykvollshoes on Instagram. You should have a visit , find many cool shoes there!

Details of my outfit:
Grey top from @modevrouwencloset shop on instagram
Asymmetric denim skirt, forgot the shop name hahaha
black bandana
Hoop earrings, got it at Dp Mall
Black boots from @mykvollshoes

Last holiday, I decided to took many part-time jobs beside blog writer/ web writer, such as bazaar event organizer, wedding event organizer as "Pagar Ayu", Sales Promotion Girl in many events, I want to get many working experiences before I graduate from college, dunno why, but I don't like doing nothing, I love to be busy and love collecting money, maybe hahaha
As long as I love my jobs, everything will be done well too, I don't want to be a burden for my parents, they are getting older, and I feel like I have to survive by myself from now on.


Here are some photos of Sam Poo Kong below <3

So it's the last part of this post, 
thank you so much for reading  my blog, hope that you get some inspirations from my post, don't mind to write any comments, opinion or even critics below hehehe <3

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See you on the next post!