I got this Cat printed shirt from FangsHouse Giveaway last month hehehe the first time I won a giveaway :3 It's really a cute shirt right? Even it looks simple, but I really like cat printed things ^^ Thanks FangsHouse for the giveaway :3
Aa, and the F21 hairpin, it's a gift from Lissa, my bestfriend hehehe I love the shape and it's color, so cute and feminine :3 :3

Hairpin - F21 (gift), Cat shirt - FangsHouse, Pants - Bali, Frilly Socks - DIY, Bow Platform, Rose Bracelet - DIY, Nude Bag, Dolly head Necklace -  DIY, ALBA Watch

Some selfies hehehe

It's a busy week for me, I still have to do my unfinished tasks, ganbareeeeee~~~ <3
Thanks for reading my post ^^ I'm really happy hehehe
Sorry for my bad english .__.

Have a great weekend, minna !!


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