Sweety Sweet

Aaaargghh...I got a lot of tasks from my teachers ...! There are 10 tasks that must be finished in two weeks :( 
I have finished half of my tasks *yay* how about your eid holiday ? Do you get a lot of tasks/ homeworks like me? ehehe~~ 
eem actually I'm confused, what topic that should I share in this post, I don't have any story...hmm...*__*

what an ugly hair .__. I want to have pretty hair TT

Bowlet Hat : Grinitty, Top : Holy Shop, Skirt : DIY, Bag : Mom's Vintage, Frilly Socks : DIY, Wedges : Pasar Murah Stadion, Watch : Dad's Alba, Vintage Necklace : Ratu Paksi

See you on the next post friends {}Thanks for visiting this poor blog (.__.)v Sorry for my bad english hehe ^^

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