Hello-hello!!! :*

I just cut my hair becomes thinner, because if my hair is too thick, it's looks like a lion! My hair isn't beautiful :(, I don't know how to care my hair to be beautiful hair -_- I'm confused choosing a hairstyle that suits me, anyone have any suggestions? : (

Grey Outer : gifted. White Lace Dress : Tata Shop. Lace Hairpin : DIY. Glasses : Shiorimore. Woven Bag : KAYA. Lace Socks : DIY. Shoes : Daddy's :P. Watch : Alba

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Amelia <3


  1. you look so adorable! :) i think your hair looks nice. but if you feel that it isn't, i think you can research on hair treatments or something like that to take care of your hair. :)


  2. you looks adorable :)

  3. Thats so cute perhaps you should use conditioner more often, to make it managable. Love the lace cardigan... btw i have followed your blog dear.

  4. So cute, I love the outfit you put together, especially the cardi and lovely lace white dress *0* CHARMING!

    恵美より ♥

  5. girl, let that hair go how it will! that's what i've resorted to.
    also, i love your socks! so cute!

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  7. I love your outfit!!! its cute!! And your hair looks nice don't worry!!!!

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