Counting Days to Final Exams

Hello everybody, this post isn't my outfit post, because here I want to tell you about my blogging day off until the next two weeks, why? Because all of you already know, I'm on the 3rd grade of Senior High School, so I'll have my national exams, and start from tomorrow, beside National Exams, I'll have my practical exams that determine my graduation too, I'll concentrate more on my school exams, so I won't have photoshoot for this two weeks, I'm really busy and tired kyaaa :( I hope all of you keep following my blog and stay in touch with me :D please pray for my National Exams and the other complementary exams, really need your prayers and support, I hope I can pass all of my Exams well and I wish I'll get great scores too for all of my exams. 
I promise all of you I'll comeback after maybe 1-2 weeks. 

Thanks for your attention >w< Wish a great day for all of you <3 <3 See ya on the next two weeks!!


  1. You're beautiful !
    Can't wait to see your next posts :)

    Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.


  2. Good luck on ur exam milka!
    love this 'bunny' chic look

    love, Diras

  3. Good luck with the exams!! would you like to follow me? Just let me know and I'll be back ;)
    Kisses from Spain

  4. Good luck for your exams and have fun studying haha :P
    I am having some similar exams in 4 weeks, so I definitely know how you feel!
    Even though the post is not about the outfit, I really like what you wear in that picture. x

    Rona from threepinkcats

  5. Hi.Great have a lovely blog. Following you.would you like to follow back??

  6. Following you back! ;)

  7. waw... chick look
    gemeees ^_^

  8. Just followed you back, dear! :D
    From Bali, Indonesia - with love, Imme ❤

  9. You are so beautiful! Amazing picture :*
    Big compliment for your nice blog!

    xx from Germany,

  10. Привет. Я из России. Хочешь узнать много нового и интересного о России? Тогда подписывайся на мой блог
    Удачи на экзамене!!!
    От Анны)))


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