waiting ♥

I'm waiting for them ...
Yes, this month I'm a bit wasteful, I buy some little things, kkkk~
But I always buy stuffs by my own money ... but I don't regret it, because I love it all!
not an extraordinary items, but I liked them, so I bought them :)

That was so cheap, just $2 :3 buy on local accessories shop

This ombre short (Not the original pict, but It's similar), I always try to get the cheapest one, and I found this for $15 buy it on my friend olshop
It's about $1, I found it on my friend olshop

It's not the original pict , but it so similar, it just $8,5 buy it on my friend olshop

I hope they can come faster!!! 

Aaaaaandddd...I'm still going to save money to buy other things :3
but it looks like I will not get my angpao in this lunar year TT, my big family doesn't have any events as in previous years, kyaaaa~ TT
I wish I can get something special instead angpao TT

It's my wishlist ...

1. June+Julia Lola Brown
It's similar with Jeffrey Campbell Litas (my opinion), but it's cheaper than the Litas, I love Litas, but I think I will never be able to buy Litas, even though only one :') because for me It was so expensive...So this June+Julia can be my last hope :P (blehhhhh) kkk~

2. Gowigasa Boy Tie Dye Top
It's so cute, but I think It will take a long time to collect the money, and I have more important needs, but I'm hoping I'll get this *fingercrossed *

3. Tattoo Tights

I haven't found the cheapest price :( But next time I will :3

Aaannddd many moree <3 

Thanks for reading my blog :3
Have a nice lunar year :D


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  1. uh kece bgt june&julia. bener tuh JC aslinya mahal banget tp kadang pengen punya yg aslinya wlw cuma 1 :')

  2. Lovely things! especially the shorts :)


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