Dina's Birthday Dinner

Hello friends, last night I went to Dina's birthday dinner with 3 others, Ivana, Grace, and Tasya . We had dinner at the rainbow cafe, the place is so comfortable and nice. We are really happy there, after that we went karaoke until 9 pm.
There are some photos below :)

me and Ivana

Tasya-Ivana-Me-Dina (The birthday girl)


This week is a busy week! So many tasks and test ... a bit stressed, but I must stay cheerful, GBme ><
What I wear:: Rosey Black Cardigan, White top as inner, floral blue skirt, grey bootis-Adorable Projects, Assorted bracelets


  1. You look like such a fashionable bunch of friends haha. Thanks for sharing <3

    Five Faces Tag

  2. Oh!! dear, nice blog
    i hope you visit mine and if you like it, stay!
    see u soon


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