I went to Jakarta two days ago with my family, because of my sister's weddings <3. The wedding of Dili and Rieky on SMESCO building. The wedding room decorated with Padang culture. Me and all of my family should wear traditional clothes too..And this is my first time to wear Songket and Cullote (I'm a Christian ^^v, so I never wear cullote) and my sister and her family are moslem, my family just like "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika" (Indonesian's Slogan), because my family consist of different religions but we still one, there are Islamic, Buddhist, Christian and Catholic :)


Me with make-up
Te' Dili (The Bride) and her younger brother, and me!

This is my outfit <3

I was a bit surprised by my hair, I look like a princess at the time, with the tiara and hair do that looks so elegant, cool, because, actually I never set my hair like that before

The hall

This has nothing to do with the topic before, but I just finished making new bracelets, they look very cool, my friends have ordered several bracelet.

Want to have one too? You can send me an e-mail ^^

Happy wedding Dili and Rieky. Have a blessed family!


  1. Amazing decorations and really wonderful clothes!) It's always so interesting to learn something new about other cultures and their traditions!!


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