New haircrown by me :)

Flower line headband

My new baby :D

                                   Some of the stuff I got, there was a black vintage bag belonged to my mother, now becoming mine hahaha, black bow tie belonged to my father, it was worn at his wedding!

So romantic XD
"So as long as I live I'll love you"

Only a few weeks, 2013 will come, all went by so fast ... all the memories of this year will soon pass, but it will always be my heart ..
Now it's December, I hope will be a good month for all of us ^ ^. I want to be succeed in the final examination, I also want to have a more beautiful memories than November ...
apocalypse or something, I don't really care, even though a bit worried hahaha
but we must still live by faith!
December also will be full of activities, such as Christmas and others. I'll be very busy with everything, because I am a member of the school council that shall prepare mass events and so on. In the church I was also a Christmas committee, I also have to complete the task of the church wedding decor. I'm also going to Jakarta again to celebrate the marriage of my sister.

What I wear:: Vintage dress from my church garage sale. Red rose haircrown by me, Birdie Necklace, Braided belt, Adorable Projects Boots, Cambridge Satchel bag

So what is your Christmas wish? :)


  1. beautiful blog)

    maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)

    1. of course ^^ I already follow your blog,, :D thanks!


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