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Long time no post hehehe, I've passed my mid-exams, I did my best already, no sleep to study the subjects lol, and my dark circles are getting darker, but I hope I'll get great scores like before.

Mm, and until now, I'm still thinking about him, yeah him, I mentioned him several times on my previous posts, I miss him, so damn much, but when we met, I couldn't face him, just... idk why. Hmm okay, let's forget about it, and back to my main topic xD

Had this photo shoot about one week ago on Tugu Muda, a historical monument in Semarang, such a good place to have a photo session, but that time was so damn sunny and hot, prepare your sunblock and jacket if you go there lol.

There's an epic story behind this shot, it was 11.30 AM, and there was a lot of elementary schoolers passed by Tugu Muda, and suddenly they shouted, "Boneka (Doll) !", and they came to me, asked me frankly, "Mbak (Miss), you are so beautiful, did you have plastic surgery??" with curious face and loud voices -_-, and I was like.. x'D, they keep asking me and I answered, absolutely no and I smiled, well, I'm surprised hahaha but they are so honest and cute, I love kids hahahaha

Taken by my 2nd brother, got many great photos xD Sorry if I attached too many photos here lol ><

Outfit Detail:
- Deer Set by @letswearwell (Instagram)
- White Chain Purse
- White Platform Heels @aglaehouse (Instagram)
- Tattoo Chokers (Lavender)

The building behind me is Lawang Sewu, another historical place in Semarang, Lawang Sewu got very beautiful architechture and it's a great place to have photo shoot too.

Sure Semarang had many amazing places to visit, you could read my post about Semarang's beautiful photo spots here whatwelike.co/milkamelia

Thank you so much for visiting my blog :D
Hope you'll have a great day!


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  1. Great outfit dear :):*
    New post on my blog: http://vesnamar.blogspot.rs/2016/05/white-red-outfit.html

  2. I looove your hair
    so kawaii :)
    Lawang Sewu looks majestic

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. You look so pretty in that outfit! Amazing post xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  4. you look so cute!

    new post

  5. Ameeel rambutmu km apain? Bagusss hihhiji

  6. Would you like to follow one another? If so, follow me and let me know I come running to foolow.



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