ColdPress Indonesia - Juice Detox& Weight Loss Review

Our bodies need to consume vegetables and fruits, because fruits and vegetables have nutrients and vitamins that are important for our bodies.
But sometimes, we like to forget and even underestimate the function of vegetables and fruits, maybe because we don't like too eat it,instead we prefer foods that are not healthy for our body. Due to unhealthy eating habits plus our busy daily activities, of course, in our body there are toxins that settle inside the body, and of course it have to be flushed out from our body, because it can damage our health.

So, detoxify the toxins in our body is really important! Then, I choose Cold Press Indonesia to detoxificate the toxins in my body, so I could be more fit, healthy and refreshed as well

You need to know, Cold Press products are completely natural from the best quality vegetables and they don't contain sugar, water, preservatives and dyes inside the products, so it's really nutritious and tastes yummy too!
ColdPress's juices production process also doesn't use regular blender, because it can reduce or even eliminate the content of nutrients and healthy enzymes in fruits and vegetables.

Got two days of detox programs with 2 sets of SKIN glow and weight maintenance and juice detox subscription (small bottle) that are not included in the detox program, but to provide the needs of daily fruits and vegetables.

So, before the process of detoxification with Cold Press, I was advised to not to consume alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar products such as soft drinks, and also as meat, dairy products, processed foods such as canned foods and refined starches (rice, pasta, bread) to maximize process detoxification which will be carried out.
And substitute the following foods with fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.

JUICE SUBSCRIPTIONS (smaller bottles):

- Freshen Up contains pineapple, orange, honey
- Watermelon orange twist contains watermelon, orange, honey
- Beet harvest contains apple beet carrot , THIS IS MY FAVORITE <3 Beet taste so good with apple and carrot <3
- Veggie Rhapsody contains spinach, apple, pineapple
- Tropical greens contains kale, apple, pineapple
- Berry Hunter contains strawberry, pineapple, apple

If you are busy but you still want to be healthy, you could fulfill your needs of vegetables and fruits by drink ColdPress juices <3 Become healthier and fitter with ColdPress, and no more "weird" taste of vegetables and fruits juice with ColdPress!


Chose this because I want to lose weight and improve my dry skin condition that could be more moist and hydrated.

Inside Skin Glow and Weight Maintenance Package : Green Boost, Lean Green (2), Roots Exotic, Longevity Juice, Fountain of Youth

1) The first bottle in the morning, exactly on 09.00, is Green Boost (spinach, kale, cucumber, romaine lettuce, celery, lemon, mexican turnip, apple, green lettuce, bok choy) I ever drank another veggie juices , and it smells like rotten things :v and tastes SO SO SO raw, but this Green Boost didn't smell like rotten veggie juices normally.
It's only a juice, but for real, I'm really really full <3!
2) Lean Green contains pear, orange, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, kale inside. Taste similar to green boost, but it also contains pear and orange, which made this Lean Green taste so fresh. Drank this on 11:00 And this is MY FAVORITE <3
3) Roots Exotic (beetroot, cucumber, carrot, apple, lemon, ginger) this is my third bottle that I drank at 12.30, exactly for lunch. The sweet taste of beet and apple combined really well, also the taste of ginger came out, such an 'eccentric' taste in my tongue! And my body felt warmer warmer because of the ginger inside it.
4) At 15.00, I drank Longevity Juice that contains blueberry, cucumber, pear, apple and grape , didn't expect that cucumber and blueberry could be a great juice combination.
5) Drank Lean green again at 17:30 like the second bottle, my favorite <3
6) Fountain of Youth on 19.30 got carrot, strawberry, blueberry, apple, cucumber inside, it was so refreshing and taste good!

Don't worry, ColdPress provides the time instruction too <3

My Review after Detoxification Program with ColdPress:

-Peed very often, but it was the result of toxins in the body that flushed out, YAYYY

-Quite nauseous, but for few time on the first day, but for diarrhea, skin break out, dry mouth, runny nose and low blood pressure such as that listed on the cold press, I do not feel it at all.

- In the second day, started to feel the effect, didn't feel weak, fresh, my stomach was not hungry at all, with six bottles a day it can make me full, and so healthy because I consumed only fruits and vegetable for two days! And it reduced my cravings too!

- Then I lost almost 1 kilogram <3 <3

So what are you waiting for? Go order yours and be healthy and fresh with ColdPress, they could deliver their juices outside Jakarta now, and for any inquiries, you could contact them :
For a faster and more convenient communication, please contact them at
(+62)821-1011-2800 - Phone, Whatsapp, LINE
08:30 - 16:00 (Monday - Friday)
08:30 - 11:30 (Saturday)
Instagram : @Coldpressid
Twitter : @Coldpressid
Website :
Facebook : Cold Press Indonesia

I love ColdPress Indonesia! I'd like to get another detox program with ColdPress for an effective, healthier, and quick way to do detoxification <3
And don't forget to fulfill your daily needs of fruit and vegetable with the Juice Subscription!

ColdPress give 100% Money Back Guarantee too if you don't feel any effects !



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