What a busy week ><
I have to practice for my Church's Christmas Drama, I will be a...umm..maybe similar with bitch ._.v dunno why should be me wkwkwk
And finally I got my first side job, as a dancer, for parties, like wedding or birthday party, yes, I love dancing <3 So I should come to practice frequently. But I got one problem, I feel so inferior, when I saw my senior at my dancing company, it feels like...TT I'm nothing, because they can remember the dance moves easily and their technique are so well ... but me and the other juniors (thanks God it's not only me), we feel like *how can they did it so fast, how can they did it prettily, can we dance like that*
I feel so inferior and a bit afraid if I can't dance well when the day comes >< I'm a forgetful person .__.
But I have passion in dance, my bro gives me spirit to not to give up and keep praying to God. Pray for me please TT~

It has been two months since I joined vocal training at Chytara Music School, I love singing too, actually I wanted to join them when I was a first grader of Senior High, but I pity for my parents, because they will cost more money for me, but this year, they allowed me to join vocal training , thanks Godddd~~
And actually today is the concert day of Chytara Music School, so I and the other 4 girls will have a vocal group, but unfortunately, the concert time with my dance practice time collide :|
Although I really want to join the concert :( And I have to come to the dance practice :')

I got that cute smiley bag from Veren Lee's giveaway, so happy and thankful <3 <3 <3

Grinitty Bowler Hat, Osella Plaid Shirt, ShopatBeau Shop Pinafore, Veren Lee's giveaway Bag, Alexandra Boots, Shiorimore Necklace, Alba watch, assorted bracelets

Thank you for visiting my blog, and please leave a comment below >< <3
Sorry for my bad english hehe~
Have a great week everyone! Please pray for my first dance perform :')



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