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Hi lovelies!
I'm so lazy to post something on my blog, right TT I'm sorry, because actually I have no time to turn on my PC and edit photos, because you know, I'm 12 grader, there's a lot of tests and tasks :v
even now I've been very saturated with my school activity, it's enough :( *screaming*
And tomorrow is the last day of Term Test, yattaaaa~ <3

All of the photos below actually already taken 1 months ago, our class chose "lawang sewu" for the background, because our catalogue theme is "Vintage".
Do you know Lawang Sewu, it's located in Semarang, Indonesia. Lawang means door, Sewu means a one thousand, it is a historic building from the Dutch when Dutch colonized Indonesia once, and Lawang Sewu is a haunted building, even when I knew that we would take pictures there, I was scared and did not want to take pictures, I'm a coward ... ._. v
But Lawang Sewu architecture is very beautiful and solid! You must visit there ^^ I really like the shape of the building

They're my bestfriend at school, Left-Lissa, Center-Odel, and me hehehe and we're in the same class for two years hehehe

Photos below are taken when I still in my house hehe

Grinitty Bowler Hat, Knotted Top and White Flare Skirt bought at Surabaya, Cherry Necklace DIY, Chijeu House Bag, Lace Socks DIY, Daddy's Vintage Shoes :p, Assorted bracelets

Sorry for the bad editing, still learning ><

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Thanks for reading my blog ^^ Sorry for my bad english hehehe


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