Handmade Hair Accessories by Me (Part 2)

It's been a week I didn't post anything on my blog, I was busy with a lkot of tests in recent weeks. Next week I will do physic and history tests :'o
Today I had a mathematic test, logarithmic -_-"
Within a hour, I had to solve a lot in a short time, and what happened?? 
I can't do it well :( There are two last questions hasn't been answered. I'm worried about my math test point, I hope my math test will get good result, I don't want to remedial as before! Actually, I'm not too good in math. TT

Today I got a lot of orders of hair accessories for my church bazaar, I just do it because I have a lot of time today, here are some pictures :)

This is my favorite! XD

Which one do you like?
Want it too? ^^ Contact me !
Btw, sorry for bad picts, take by cellphone ^^v



  1. oh milka, did you make all of those by your self?
    they are SO CUTE!! I like no 4th pic, the one with white rose.

    kisses, diraz.

    1. Thankyou ! Yes, I made it by myself, but there are some semi-finished materials such as polkadot flower (pink and tosca) and flower corsage, but overall I'm making all by myself XD~


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