Denim and Spike

studded belt, assorted bracelets, mustache ring, black boots

Spike Headband-Ratu Paksi, Feel the Rock Tee, Denim Jacket, Denim Short

Next week I will undergo a lot of testing mid semester, I have to study harder. Today I will also make my narrative text for English test. And two days school will hold expo education, famous universities will be found in my school, I can't wait for that day. I want to find information about the LaSalle College or ESMOD Jakarta, but no ESMOD TT.
Relaxing Day stay a day longer, so I had to relax as much as possible XD hahaha. What about your activities this week or next week?

If you live in Semarang City, Indonesia, I suggest you to come to my school education (Sedes Sapientiae High School) , it will be fun guys! ^^ So many foods there hahahaha.
Btw, sorry for the bad picts! ^^v



  1. love your spiked headband ♥

  2. Hey!
    I like your blog so much, so I'm here your newest follower!
    Follow each other?


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