Spare Time

During my holidays, I also like to design something, I draw something on my sketchbook. I design their own picture below. And I hope that one day this pictures will become a reality (u_u) hahaha
Sorry for bad resolution picts, I don't have a good camera ^^v
I hope you'll enjoy the picts! ^^

Ah, it's not my design, but I draw it by myself, I try to draw AKB48-Heavy Rotation Costume ^^ hehehe

I design it by myself :D
I cann't rotate some pictures >< sorry, :(
QOTD : Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion. The Talmud

Love, Amelia


  1. hey your drawing is nice :))
    we have same hobby ! but I don't think I draw better than you :O
    mind to visit my blog back ? :)

  2. waaah~ Those are some cute drawings. And I could see you have talent. Keep up the good work girl! Who knows, you might be famous for it one day!

    followed your blog, follow back mine? :D

  3. These drawings are so cute and so well drawn. You're really good!

  4. I really love your drawings! I love manga too :) and you're so great at it! you AKB48? me too :D visit my blog if you like! follow me.

    Missing Bee

  5. Amazing outfits! I want them! :D <3

  6. wow, you're actually really good! you should try to send your design to akb48 or jkt48's management.. who knows if they interested in using your design? :)


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