Denim and Mint

One weeks again I will go back to school, I don't go on vacation :(, just stay at home, I'm soooo bored, online, sleeping, making hair ribbons, and a little experimenting with clothes that I have, huaa...I want to go on vacation, mama!
Mmmm....this week I was asked to be a singer in my church, I should wear green, blue or brown shirt, but I don't have blue, green or brown shirt -_-. I just told my mom about my problem.
In my parent's bed, I found a mint shirt, it's my daddy shirt, then I tried it, though a bit oversized, I love the colour :)
 I also make hair ribbons, I use chains to make this hair ribbon. When making this ribbon, I was inspired by AKB48's hair ribbons, I decided to make it by myself :D

My task as a singer also went pretty well :) I thank God :D

Actually, it's not a bow tie, it's my new hair ribbon. Do you like it?

Daddy's shirt, handmade ribbon by me, Ripcurl watch, denim ruffle shorts

Creme shoulderbag, AdorableProjects Boots, Mustache ring, ruffle socks
Thankyou girls! :D


Milka Amelia


  1. Awesome outfit! really loving the bow!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. cute hair ribbon milka <3 love your outfit!



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