Bali Day Two

After overnight stay at Nuansa Indah Hotel, the second day, I went to Sanur Beach and others.
Take as long as 1 hour from the hotel. I went to Sanur at 08.30 am. Sanur Beach is very crowded and very full with tourists.
Sanur Beach.
After that, I went to Bali Zoo. It Just like Taman Safari, Jakarta, Bali Zoo calmer than Taman Safari, full of beautiful trees, love it!

At Bali Zoo, we can try to feed the lions, fliying fox, elephant ride and feed the deers. Bali Zoo is nice!
Then I went to Bali Classic Centre, we can find out everything about Bali, BCC also called mini Bali. Balinese culture introduced here. Before we get into BCC, we were greeted by a welcome dance.

Left: Bali Dance, Center: Me and Patricia take a photo with Barong Dancer, Right: 9 God in Bali
From BCC, I went to Kuta Beach. People say, if not go to Kuta Beach, we might as well not to Bali. Kuta beach is a favorit tourist spot for sunbathing and surfing. So many foreigners there. I also swim there, and my skin a little darker. So happy there!

Beautiful Sunset at Kuta Beach! 
At Kuta Beach, many people who offer services like nail art, temporary tattoos and hair braiding. We also can borrow surfboard and learn to surf there. Kuta is a perfect white sand beach!!

Kuta Beach!

I painted my nails there, it's just 20.000 rupiahs.

Maroon Nail Color with flower accent

After that, I went shopping to Krisna, I buy a box of milk pie, a knitted shoulderbag, disco nuts, and Bali t-shirt

You should try the milk pie and the disco nuts, yummy! :9
A beautiful day, I'll always remember!

Love, Amelia


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