Bali Day One

I went to Bali four days ago, at 7 am. Travel to Bali takes one day (7 am-3 am) by bus and ferry. I really enjoy my first day trip!
When in Bali, the tour guided by Bli Gede, local guide from Bali. He's so funny, he can change tired atmosphere being more fun. (In Bali, man called "Bli", if woman called "Mbok")

Scenery while traveling from Ketapang Harbor-Gilimanuk Harbor

Beach Scenery (Beach in the area of local restaurant)

Views of Tanah Lot 
If you're menstruating shouldn't enter Tanah Lot, because Tanah Lot considered sacred. After that, I went to Nusa Dua-Tanjung Benoa Beach. In Nusa Dua, you can enjoy water sports, like paraselling, banana boat, fliying fish, if you don't like water sports, you can go to Penyu Island with boat, it's just 50000 rupiahs. I went to Penyu Island with my friends. There are so many foreigners in this place. They love Bali too!

Left : Paraselling. Right: View of Tanjung Benoa Beach

Left: The Boat (On the way Penyu Island). Right : The biggest turtle I saw, it's over 200 kg maybe!
In Tanjung Benoa, I also tried airbrush temporary tattoo, it just 30.000 rupiahs, it will be better if you can negotiate the price.
Colorfull Fairy Tattoo (2-3 days)
Then, I went to Uluwatu Temple. Uluwatu is full of mischievous monkeys. So if there, don't carry and use items that attract monkeys. Unfortunately, I still use my bubble slippers, but fortunately I was able to hide from monkey. Bli Gede pranking, I shouted several times and frighten other visitors, I'm sorry!!

Views of Uluwatu, very nature, right? It's a shady and cool place.
The last one I visited is Garuda Wisnu Kencana. There will be constructed of the highest statue in the world, but is currently in the process of creation, so only half finished, it named Garuda Wisnu Kencana.
The scenery is very beautiful. There is a place for Kecak Dance Concert, I also watch the Kecak Dance, cool! So neat and very compact. Beside me, there are tourist from China, they are very interested with the culture of Bali in Indonesia, you also have to go to Bali!

Me with my friends.

Kecak Dance

Bali is very nice and charming, do you also want to go there? :)

Love, Amelia


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