Code is Love

Hello everyone! This is my 2nd post on August ~
My holiday is almost over, I'll back on my usual daily activities on August 22, my GPA score has out already, I'm a bit disappointed, because I couldn't get the best score, well mmm I'm a perfectionist, but I'm thankful, at least I still got the highest GPA hehehe thanks Lord, I will do my best next semester!

Have nothing to be told, so let's move to the main topic :D I took all of the photos on Seven Cafe and Bistro, was Seven Degree Cafe, it's a good place to hang out, so if you visit Semarang, visit this place too !

Bolo tie choker is on trend! Rather than buying it, I made my own bolo tie choker, so damn easy xD You only need suede tie and just wrap it around your neck!

Aaaaaa~ <3

Grey top - bought by Mom
Leather skirt - Instagram @grinitty
Slip on - Instagram @halonashoes
DIY Bolo tie choker
Denim jacket - Dad's 

About the post title, I wrote it randomly based on the wall decor "Code is Love" , because I have no other idea lol xD

 Need comfy yet affordable flats ? Directly check @halonashoes on Instagram! You could get 3 pairs of flat shoes only for $10!! Got 6 pairs for myself XD Because all of them are so cute, so I took them all mwehehehe


Thanks a lot for visiting my blog <3 Have a great day! Hope that we could stay in touch !


  1. Fantastic look my dear. I'm just in love with your shoes :o

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  2. so lovely
    new post :

  3. OMG, 3 shoes for $10 is incredibly awesome ! Kamu cute banget btw, half up do nya lucu! <3




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