You're Sexy in Your Own Way ft.

Talk about sexiness, what's the first thing that pops in your mind?
Maybe some women now think that the ideal body is like the body belonged to a Victoria Secret model, or Korean artists. Yes, the white and smooth, slender legs, large breasts, or great abs.
That Mindset appears because of the influence instilled by social media.

But, wake up ladies! Don't have a shallow mind. Beauty and sexiness of women can't be seen from that side only.
Personally, I think if a sexy woman is a woman who can bring herself well, women who have self confidence and accept EVERYTHING she has. Nothing can beat the charisma of a woman who could accept herself.

And the mindset about the “sexy and ideal” women like in the first paragraph, I don’t agree with it. With that kind of mindset, I think it is unrealistic and it makes most women feel depressed with their conditions.
Instead, Because every woman is created with her own uniqueness, and woman deserves to be loved, no matter what her flaws. Whether she’s fat, too skinny though, every woman is created with their own sexiness, and not limited to the physical only.

And I'd like to share some tips to have Positive Body Images <3
1. Just accept everything's on you, no matter what people said to you, you are precious and you are sexy and beautiful in your own way.
2. Have positive minds about yourself, things you like about yourself.
3. Remember if "that" mindset of sexy and pretty girls doesn't exist. It's unrealistic. You need to be confidence, because beauty is a state of mind, not a state of your body.
4. After you had your positive mindset, you need to be around with positive people too. They can make you feel better and you can be your 'true' self, because they accepted everything's on you.
5. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good with your body.

Talk about clothes, I'm thinking about lingerie. Yup, lingerie is one of the most important thing for women. With lingerie, the sexiness of a woman could appear more. And I just found a lingerie store that provides sexy and beautiful lingerie, and they provide sexy plus-size lingerie too !
It's "Adore Me" .

I'm in love with it's lingerie collections! They're all so beautiful, especially if you're obsessed with lacy and beautiful things, you've come to the right place. 
From finding the right fitting bra to inspiring your next lingerie shopping spree, they've got you covered!

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Thanks for visiting my blog, don't forget to love yourself because you are all sexy and beautiful!
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