Short Trip Diary - Wonderful Wonosobo

Hello everybody~~
I'm back hihi, I'm still enjoying my long holiday until next early March, maybe around 7th or 8th I'll start my college activity again. But still, even it's a holiday, I'm still very busy with my organizations's activities, because I joined around 5 committees @@ , so I'm staying at my boarding house because almost everyday, I have to go to my campus for meetings. But I'm enjoying my busy days hohoho, because it's important for my life in the future, besides it, I can fill my mind with more positive things about organizations rather than thoughts about "him":))))))
Thank God, my GPA score's out already, so thankful I got perfect score for my first semester, it's 4,0 !! Will do the best for the next semester!!

So, this post is a bit different from my other past posts, I wrote about my last holiday, on 5th-9th January last month. I went to Wonosobo, a little city in Central Java, Indonesia with my college friends. I never went there before, so that was my first time to visit Wonosobo. I stayed at Veli's house, but her house's still so far from Wonosobo City, exactly in a village. With motorcycle, we started our journey from Semarang-Wonosobo for 5 hours, and it was raining and I didn't wear my raincoat that time lol, it was my first experience, dare to try it? xD

At Wonosobo, Veli showed us a lot of beautiful destinations in Wonosobo, I'm surprised that Wonosobo had many beautiful places! We went to Telaga Menjer, Dieng Plateau, Telaga Warna, Batu Ratapan Angin, Sikunir Hills to watch sunrise, tried Wonosobo's traditional food, "Mie Ongklok/ Ongklok Noodles", Lubang Sewu and Kawah Sikidang. The entry ticket for each place maybe around  10-15.000 rupiahs, so affordable right?

And the first place we visited in Wonosobo was Telaga Menjer. To ride a boat there, you have to pay 15.000 rupiahs each person, love the scenery so much !

They are my friends, not full team bcs William was taking our photo lol! XD

Then we stopped at a tea fields and took photos hoho~\

The second day, we decided to visit Dieng Plateau, which is soooo far away from Wonosobo or Veli's house, maybe it took around 2 hours, and the road condition wasn't so good since there was lots of sharp turns on the road. So tired, but worth it lah!

Telaga Warna! It's a popular destination at Dieng, Wonosobo. In the past, Veli said if Telaga Warna had around 4-5 colors (yellow, green, red, sky blue, deep blue) because of the algae variations deep inside the lake, and it would change depends the weather conditions maybe ? but now Telaga Warna wasn't as clean as before, so only left 2 color variations, like soft blue and deep blue. The entry fee is 15000 rupiahs for each person.

Next is Kawah Sikidang. It's still around Dieng Plateau. Kawah Sikidang is a sulfur crater that's still active until now, well you could see lots of crater there, but if you had asthma or other respiratory problems, just don't go there.

Next! Batu Ratapan Angin. From here, you could see the full scenery of Telaga Warna and other beautiful scenery around. You should climb a little if you want to see the full scenery. Amazing right? I love Wonosobo!!

Next one is Lubang Sewu, Veli said if Lubang Sewu actually was a sea, but it receded because of dry season, and the stone inside the sea appeared. The cliffs were so high and a bit scary for me .__." But Lawang Sewu is such a cool destination !

Last one, Sikunir Hill or mountain idk XD, but we went there to watch sunrise, we woke up at 2 am, soo sleepy, from our place we have to travel to Sikunir (Dieng Area) for 1 and half hours. And to reach the top of Sikunir Hill, we have to walk by foot for half hour and for the terrain wasn't so easy because I never climbed a hill or moutain before ._., you have to be careful so you won't be slipped like my friends ._., xD
And we reached the top on 4 am maybe, it wassssss sooooo beautiful! Couldn't take lot of photos bcs the lighting wasn't so good and there was so crowded. So only this scenery,, my friend took it for me hehe.

Oh I forgot it, if you visit Wonosobo and Dieng, wear thick clothes and don't forget your sweater because it's cold there !

Done! My short trip ended with a lot of memories with my bestfriends, very memorable, since there was another "thing" happened there, okay, don't talk about it anymore mel hahaha !
Thanks for reading my post, and sorry for my (still) bad english, keep learning and learning mel!



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