My Heart Stops When You Look at Me

Hello everybody! It's been a month since I post a thing here xD I've been busy these days because of my college activities, such as college communities, tasks, etc., and I have no time to had a photo shoot.
I'm lacking of sleep lately, maybe I slept for 5 hours only, I know if It's not good for my body, but It can be helped..

And let's move to the main topic, my outfit hihi ^^
By the way, my friendly churchmate, cik Mia took all of my photos here, thank you so much cik! Reaaallly love her photos, hard for me to choose the photos for this post XD You can visit her Instagram: @halo.mia , she loves cooking and photography :3

For my outfit, I want to keep it simple, but sweet. I wore my DIY fur earrings and assorted bracelets only. I got a fabric from my Mom, and decided to make a skirt, so I requested the tailor for the design, actually I want to make a midi skirt, but the fabric wasn't long enough to make a midi skirt.

Blue Crop Top                     :: Instagram @yucheleshop
Skirt                                     :: designed by me
Bag                                      :: Steffany Bag
Heels                                    :: Instagram @thesakristalshoes (recommended <3)
Earrings                               :: DIY ,guess what, I made it from table tennis balls XD jiahaha but it turned out really cute, I prefer to make it by myself rather than buying it, bcs it will cost twice xD

 About the title of this post... maybe it has no relation with the content of this post LOL xD but I don't know what title that should I give for this post...

And finally I wrote it , "My Heart Stops When You Look at Me", that sentence crossed in my mind, maybe it's the effect of .. hmm.. I'm not sure, I still don't know, but I think I'm in love XD with a boy in my college ... I won't tell any further, soooo shyyyy xD hahaha but I promise I'll tell you one day about how it goes ^^

But I just don't know how to express this feeling, be honest? No I can't and I won't >< Girls problem LOL, I know if communication and honesty are important to learn about each other traits, but somehow it's hard to do .

I think I'll try to "communicate" better, because communication is the #1 way to secure my spot in someone's heart LOL

Wait, not only for lovers, effective communication in relationships only help strengthen bonds between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and friends too-(

I didn't expect too much,...but who knows?

That's all I think.... thank you for visiting my blog...your support is so important for me :)
And soon, I'll have my Final Exam, I hope I can do my best and get great scores, please pray for me >< hahaha
Let's become friends on Instagram, follow mine @milka.amelia , let me know and mention me and I'll follow back yours ^^

Happy monday, Have a nice week everyone <3


  1. Aww your outfit is so sweet and cute!

  2. You look so cuteee!! I love the skirt<3


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  4. cute outfit and nice location!


  5. hahaha your earrings so amazing :)
    kindly post how to make it :)

    am newbie at blog things. pleave visit mine


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