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                  Yeayyy, I'm back! I disappeared for 3 weeks, maybe xD I was so busy back then..because I had my mid exam, my first exam on college, of course, no time for fun :" I have to make papers and analysis for my mid exam, and it was so tiring, I could only sleep for 5 hours a day to study, the materials that my lecturers gave were crazy -_-, and I don't like Law Subject, why I have to learn Law at Communication ._.". And for Introduction of Communication Science subject, I have to present something in front of every Communication 2015 Students, and some of 2013 and 2014 sudents as panelists, the lecturers only gave me 3 minutes to present OMG, my very first challenge on college. 

                 But luckily, I feel that I could pass every subjects well YEYYYYY!! (I hope so xD) Pray for my mid exam scores please, don't want to make my parents disappointed. College isn't that easy, like what I thought before, but I have to be more diligent !!

And I just got back from live-in 2 days ago, I lived-in in a remote village,Kalipucung Village, still on Semarang district, but it's so far away in my opinion ._., but I had a great time with my "family" there and my friends, got many new friends from Law and Communication Students too. I climbed a high hill to see scenery, my parents said if I could see the environments of Gedong Songo Temple, Rawa Pening Lake, Lawu Mountain, Merbabu Mountain, and Ungaran Mountain too. And it was true, although we have to walk, and climb too, but it was worth it ;'), so beautiful, Indonesia's environment is beautiful if there's no stupid ppl that destroy it -_- I feel sorry for the forests on Borneo, Sumatra, and Java Island, because the forests there were burned by irresponsible people, I pray for Indonesia's Islands, hope for a quick recovery for the forest, and there's no more victims because of the smog there.

                   I wore: Beanie Hat// Plaid set designed by me <3// Red Satchel Bag-Chijeu, Denim Jacket- Daddy's// Black Shoes- bought from Wina Shoes.

Should I sell my plaid set? Let me know if you are interested hihihi I'll give you special price lol.

                    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, and please leave comments below :3 Sorry for my bad english lol . I hope we'll have a great week. Happy monday everyone!

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