New Start!

Hello everybody! Sorry for very very very late update, almost 3 weeks I didn't post anything here :/ Yep now I'm back hehehe !

My holiday is over, now back the 'normal' life, yep college life, no more high school! Last week, I started my activity at college, well, as I though before, college life is completely different. I have to pay more attention to the lecturers, and have to be more 'active' at class, Idk, I'm confused what should I tell to you about my college life XD My only hope is, I can do my best at college, get high scores too :)
I got lot of friends too, similar with gossip girls group maybe? LOL, no xD hahaha

This is a new start for me, I will do my best yey yey!

Now about this post. All of the photos are taken by my new friends, Ko Wisson (Wizzart Photography) and Ko Freddy, they are friends of my friend, Ko Steven (did you get what I mean? xD) Ko Freddy and Ko Wisson need a model, and Ko Steven introduced me to them, and finally last week, we had a photo shoot together at Ko Steven's work place, a new bistro in Semarang, called , yep Ko Steven is a kitchen staff there ! It was my first time at, I'm so excited, because is popular with yummy and unique foods and of course good place!

This is my first time had an indoor photo shoot, because usually I always take photo shoots outside. Love their photos so much! <3

Dress: Design by myself, made by tailor // Stroberi White Belt // Unbranded Sling Bag // DIY Kawaii Hairbow // Lace Socks // Aglae House White Platform Shoes

my eye bags :( huhuhu 

Thanks for visiting my blog, don't forget to leave comments below <3 Have a nice day everybody, may God bless you!!
Sorry for my bad English :( hhahaa
let's follow each other on Instagram : @milka.amelia
Thanks for Ko Wisson and Ko Freddy!!!


  1. Lovely pics and pretty dress!!!
    Have a great start of the week darling!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. I love your dress! So lovely <3

    Kindly visit my blog,
    Thank you :)

  3. So cute pictures. :)

  4. Lovely post! You look beautiful:) Josie xo

  5. Your blog is awesome and you have great taste in fashion!!! <3

  6. Cute look! I love your dress<3<3


  7. lovely dress and your bag is really cute..

    Glowyshoe blog

  8. Love your style!
    Maybe we can follow each other and keep in touch? Just let me know!

  9. Wow sooooooooooo cute <w< I love the dress and shoes so much <3

  10. Cute look~

    New post
    If you follow my blog, I follow your blog too, write about it~

  11. Love those shoes! They're so cute. I need to get myself a pair.

  12. you look very cute! I love the shoes :)

  13. Suka banget sama dress nya. the place as the background is really cool!
    Semangat juga kuliahnya dek! Fighting ^^

  14. Great Post, Love your nice dress ^^
    Maybe we can follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and G+? Just let me know! ❤


  15. i adore your dress and shoes amelll <3 lovely!

    AYU ADIRAS - Fashion Beauty Blogger
    NEW POST : Sparkling White

  16. You took such a beautiful photos <3

    Marisa //


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