plaid and choco

 Hello my friends!!
How about your day? I'm a bit tired, because tomorrow is the try-out day :'( I have to study all the subjects from grade 10-12. For tomorrow, I'll have Geography and Indonesian, please pray for me and my tryout, I hope it won't be too hard and I can do it well...

Photos below were taken at De' Cafe Mg Suites by my brother, the food was not too special, but I love the place and the decoration, check' em out :))

Plaid top - thrifted, Choco skirt- DIY, White heels- aglae house (ig) *soinlovewiththisshoes, Black bag form veren lee's giveaway <3, Rde belt- Stroberi, Assorted bracelets, Alba Watch

The corner of the cafe below

I want to share something to all of you, actually, I'm fall in love with someone at the same class with me, he's a, maybe a little, badboy, but he has a kind heart, he's not too handsome, but Idk, maybe his charisma that make me fall for him, and Idk what should I do so I can be closer to him, any suggestion? >< 

Thanks for reading my blog, please leave comments below, <3
Have a great day everyone !

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