Patrice and Me!

Hello beautiful girls! I miss you!  Almost a month I never post anything on this blog. I'm focused with my school and enjoying my new school, fun, but not with the tests! XD
After leaving my blog for 1 month, I lost 2 followers kkk~

Then...eid holiday this year, I went to Jakarta with my family. In Jakarta we visit the malls, and we visit my auntie there, quite different from Semarang, Jakarta has nicer malls and complete, of course, the clothes and everything! In Jakarta, I also hunt for foods, I love to eat :3, but i don't want to be fat, then, I gain weight 2 kilograms -_-. I didn't buy a lot of stuff there, because I will save my money. I just bought a pair of shoes and few clothes.

In this post, I just post my pictures with my bestie since elementary school, Patrice. Incidentally, I'm bored and a call Patrice to go out. I dressed simple and sporty enough *huh* , I didn't want to wear heels that time, then we have a good time XD

Sugar Candy Cropped Top, Black Top, Belt, Junior High School Skirt, Nike Sneakers, Assorted Bracelet, Longchamp Bag

Little me *_* kkk~

I love her boots :p

  How about your eid holiday? ^^d



  1. You both are so cute :) I kind of love that you guys are wearing opposite colors.


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