Out now: Charming Berryz Hair Ribbons

Hello! It's been a while since I haven't written a post since I had national exams. Now I've graduated, and I'm no longer a junior high school student, now I'm a senior high school student. I graduated with a pretty good value for Indonesian, English and mathematics, but not with science. I was dissapointed with the science value that I got. Indonesian 9,8. English 9,0. Mathematics 8,5. And science ................ 6, 75 ><
I hate it!

But now I've been able to accept what I got. And now it's holiday time! I don't go on vacation anywhere, because my family is still busy. Finally I make headbands to fill my spare time, and the results are quiet good as you can see below, there're enough people who order my creations. All made with my own hands, stitching problems? My mother taught me to sew it right :D

How was your vacation, sweeties? :D

Charming Berryz Ribbons Collection

Sunflower Combination IDR 15000

High School Accent IDR 15000

Strawberry Tartan IDR 25000

Lolita Strawberry Check IDR 30000

Strawberry Combination IDR 15000

Little Couple IDR 15000

First Blooming IDR 20000

Vintage Dreams IDR 25000

Tiny Gothica (1 set: 2 ribbons) IDR 10000

Lacely Diamond IDR 20000

Lolita Strawberry Check Set IDR 55000

Which do you like? ^^
Love, Milka Amelia


  1. These are adorable :P I'd buy them but I'm afraid shipping might cost more than the actual ribbons haha. Thanks for sharing though! I really hope you get customers!


  2. Nice post dear! Love it ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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